Living simply in the wild

A Wild Adventure in the making

“A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages” -Tennessee Williams

The Journey as a Park Ranger Family begins:

Dear Friends, family, strangers, and cohorts, as you read this David is already on a journey. We spent the last few days packing and spending time together before this new journey begins. David is currently on his way traveling 1800 miles over the hills and through the woods, but it’s not to Grandmothers house he’s going to. Here, let me back up some so I can catch you up a little…

Around this time two years ago we were sold, sold on someone eles’s dream for us. David entered the insurance business with high hopes for our future. Instead that move sank us. We very quickly fell to a very deep and dark place. I’ll save you all the gory details but if it had not been for hitting rock bottom we would not be on the adventure we are on today. So there are no regrets or hard feelings in that aspect. If anyone knows me at all then you know that I am a free spirit, or as Dave would like to say, “flighty”. Any idea I get in my head I push, beg, and claw till I find a way to put it into action. One regular weekend during one of our regular camping trips Davids looks at me and asks a very irregular question, “What would you think about moving?”. The only thing I said at that point was to not start that conversation unless he was serious because I’d be on google that night looking up places to live and homes to rent. Somewhere between Dave marrying me, having two kids, and my countless crazy ideas ive somehow rubbed off a little on the guy. Well needless to say he didn’t stop the conversation. This prompted a lot of soul-searching on Davids part. There was many late nights of brainstorming, google-mapping and dreaming that went on. We went as far as securing David a job in a few different cities. Then came the real page turner. Two months ago Davids passion ignited, he came back to life, he smiled and laughed again. For the first time since I’ve known him I saw him driven for himself instead of only for us; his family. He has always supported and made all my crazy ideas reality, so why wouldn’t I do the same for him? It wasn’t even a question. We dove head first into filling out the applications, paperwork, and doing all the leg work that needed done in just a few short weeks. We have been in complete chaos for the past month rushing to make sure he could leave on time. We semi succeeded.

So that brings us up to now. Where is he headed? Why is he going? David left early this morning to drive the 1800 miles with my dad, who went with to help make the drive and who will be flying back to omaha on the 1st. My husband is headed north west to Washington State and leaving us behind. David has 3.5 months of academy training to go through before we see him again. It is no secret that we love the outdoors and we’ve felt trapped living in this flat, land-locked state we call home. We love our friends and family dearly but we crave mountains and water and wilderness! Davids goal through all of this is to become a Park Ranger at a national park. He is starting the Seasonal Law Enforcement academy on januray 2nd. There he will be trained in law enforcement, EMT, woodland firefighting, hazmat, and wildlerness EMT courses. I have never seen him so excited before. It’s consumed him since day one of applying to the Academy. He’s never been so ready for anything in his life, well aside from marrying me I’m sure.

I had a conversation with my boys early this morning after David left. I told them how important it is to follow dreams and pursue their passions in life. They may not understand everything I told them but i can hope that by us taking this giant leap we will lead by example. They will see that even though its scary and exciting it is also so important to find fullfillment in life and i hope that they will one day throw caution to the wind in order to persue their hearts desire.

So there it is! Our 2013 is going to be hard, exciting, challenging, and filled with new adventures. We are still working out many details and trying to tie up all the loose ends here in omaha. All we know is that David is on his way to Mount Vernon Washington as we speak. He and two other cadets are staying with a very warm and inviting family. He has a lot of hard work, studying and academy training ahead of him. The kids and I are staying back here in Omaha till at least April, when he graduates, and then will be throwing the clothes we own and a few other items in our truck and will be headed out to meet him; wherever he will be stationed at.

I am sorry to our friends and family who are just finding out this news now. This all came about very suddenly and for certain reasons we had to keep it very hush hush. But I hope there are no hurt feelings and can understand the reasons behind the keeping it under wraps.

We will be updating this blog as we start and continue this new path where we aren’t sure where it is going to take us, but we are up for a new life, a fresh outlook on things, and to be immersed in the beauty of nature. If you want to follow us check back often, subscribe via your RSS feed or press the FOLLOW button on the left side of this page to receive updates. You can also put your email address in at the bottom to receive updates via email. Please feel free to leave comments, I may need all the help I can get keeping my mind occupied right now.

We are looking forward to you all following us on the journey. Maybe it’ll even prompt you to start an adventure of your own this coming year!


3 responses

  1. Melissa Watson

    Wow how exciting!! Congrats and good luck you guys are just great I hope all of ur dreams come true ❤

    December 30, 2012 at 10:53 am

    • alinthakhan

      Thanks! We are stoked

      December 30, 2012 at 3:33 pm

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