Living simply in the wild

Laughter is the Souls Soap

Sometimes you just need to laugh at yourself.  Life is ridiculously too serious most days. My brain has been having some major misfires lately and instead of getting mad and loosing my mind (which i’m pretty sure is already gone, so you tell me how you’re supposed to loose something you’ve already lost) i have just laughed…at myself.

Painting: You would think this would be a no brainer. Easy right? You take a brush, dip it in paint, and smear on walls. Well things got a little tricky in the paint department the other day. I stripped my walls of all everything and i was left with a million tiny holes that needed patched and repainted to match the rest of the wall. I figured whoever moves in wouldn’t want Leopard print walls. So my in-laws came over to help me do some work on the house and my mother-in-law helped by starting to touch up on painting. Well needless to say i’m awful at labeling paint cans. After painting the first couple rooms we realized, “hey that’s totally not the right color”. I should note that i choose to paint every room different colors but with a mere shade difference in each color. So we go along repainting the repainted walls the RIGHT color. Let that dry. Do a second coat…in the WRONG color. So we had to repaint again with the RIGHT color. Seriously this went on for 1/2 a day. It was a vicious cycle that has yet to end. Each time i walk up the stairs or in a room i’ll notice yet another patch on the wall thats the wrong shade. And i won’t even mention the boys room which i had originally painted 3 different shades of the same color and at this point in time i’m pretty sure there are all three shades on every single wall. Think Picasso. So needless to say i am no longer allowed to pick out colors and am NEVER allowed to label paint cans again. This was a unanimous decision.  My poor in-laws who i’m sure used to think i was great, but now are probably thinking that i’m only slightly above average and way less put together then they had hoped.

Cooking: Big secret here. I hate cooking. Truth be told David has volunteered many times to send me to work full time and he’d be Mr. Mom. The house would be a wreck, laundry would never be done, but we would eat some mighty fine good meals. Well before the guy left me to run to the mountains he told multiple people “Please make sure my family eats”. Please, like i’d really let us starve. I’m very capable of making mac-n-cheese and pouring milk in cereal. Well turns out he probably should have told a few more people to keep an eye on us. Have you ever tried to make hamburgers with only buns, cheese and ketchup? Seems a little light. We went to the store specifically for items to make hamburgers and what do i forget? The hamburger. So i threw the boys into their coats, slapped on their rain boots (yes i know, snow boots would have been the normal choice), and off we went in their spiderman Pjs, hair a mess, and boogers smeared all over their faces. We were off…to Taco Bell. Should i have taken my butt to the store at 7pm to get the one essential ingredient for our hamburgers? Absolutely not! If you’ve never taken kids to the store when bedtime is approaching i strongly suggest you should try it. You usually end up dragging one kid by the hood of their coat through the aisles while dodging the boxes of pop-tarts your other kid is chucking at your head while screaming how mean you are for not buying them. It’s grand.

Then after practically having to sit on your kid to get them strapped into their car seat you then have to go home and attempt to actually cook dinner! Taco Bell was definitely the logical choice. In fact it was borderline genius.

I foresee many laughs like these in my near future. I’ll probably have to laugh because i’ll forget to pick up Jace from school one day. I’ll end up heading to work in my bathrobe and slippers instead of coat and boots. And laugh because i’ll be stuck on the side of the road due to forgetting to put gas in the truck…oh wait, that already happened.

So laugh. Next time something in life goes array…kick your heels up, throw your head back, and laugh your booty off. It may not make anything better, but at least you’ll burn off those calories your about to consume from eating Taco Bell for the countless time this week.

Or you could dance to burn those calories, just be careful…


You know this ones not going to end well…


Laugh on…


2 responses

  1. Amber R. Serrano

    This is like Chicken Soup for my soul!!!!

    January 7, 2013 at 9:21 am

    • alinthakhan

      Good times!! 🙂

      January 7, 2013 at 10:14 am

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