Living simply in the wild

Keeping Busy

Keeping busy is the key to making time go by quickly. And let me tell you, we are busy busy busy.

The boys and i are busy showing the house 3 times a day, hoping to get it rented by the end of this month. Fingers crossed!! We spend the other times trying to have fun. We’ve gone and hung out at Scheels. You may not think this is exciting, but when your 2 and 4 and 3 feet tall those stuffed Bears and Lions are pretty stinking sweet. We also went on a field trip with Jace’s school to paint pottery. Twenty two kids confined in a small space with breakable treasures isn’t always the greatest idea.

But we did walk out of there unscathed and with some killer plates with a cake stamped on made out of the boys hand prints. Another thing we’ve been doing is perfecting the art of coloring. We will pack a backpack filled with colors and books and head to the nearest coffee shop. We’ll spend a few hours pretending to be Vincent Van Gogh with our hot coco and tea.
Of course there is a lot of singing at the dinner table…

And our little pup Trouper is a sure way to keep us entertained and laughing

We spent a couple days packing a box full of things to ship off to Washington. So the boys had fun picking some food items and other fun things out for Dad. We do lots of work around the house, but those stories are lame and will put you to sleep within minutes so i won’t go there.

Dave, well he’s pretty much busy before the sun rises till late in the night. We usually get a couple minutes in the morning to Skype with him as he’s putting on his fashionable uniform, which he looks very Studly in. Then he usually finds time to make a quick call between classes to tell the boys goodnight. Its time like right now where its midnight here and I’m waiting for him to home to get a couple more minutes of Skype time in the time differences is a real pain in my tooshie. With the two hour time difference it makes a little tricky to coordinate it all, but i’m going to pat ourselves on the back and say ‘job well done’. David did find out that he will be getting tased. Can’t wait for the story on that one. But right now they are learning the laws and he has started his EMT and HAZMAT training. I’m stoked that i’ll now have someone around to save my life should i ever need it. The other night he was telling me the normal pulse rates and how to take a blood pressure. Silly guy must of forgotten i was a CNA and mastered those skills years ago. I’m just waiting for him to start trying to impress this massage therapist with his knowledge of the bones and muscles.

So that’s a few ways we are keeping busy these days aside from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life. Feel free to comment below or make recommendations on things we can do, maybe you’ll see a blog post about it later!



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