Living simply in the wild

Don’t let the bed bugs bite


We try very hard to keep up our regular routines. Every single night, for as long as I can remember, David snuggles in with the boys and reads them a story. We’ve read a handful of novels already and our list is still long with many books we want to read. Most have consisted of dungeons and dragons. Far off places. Daring sword fights. Survival and Adventure. But they all have been read by David. It’s something the boys have grown to count on each night. He’s only been able to read 2, maybe 3, nights a week since he’s been gone but the boys LOVE the nights it happens. How we read has changed slightly. I now cuddle with boys holding my phone so the boys can see David on Skype and David downloads the latest book we are reading on his computer so he can read to them. Seriously love technology!

Reading to our boys at night has become a part of our day. It is just as much apart of our day as getting dressed or brushing our teeth or cranking up the music and dancing like no one is watching us. It’s the one time of night where it’s just us. No distractions. I look forward to reading as a family every night for a long time to come. I want to read the classics, the famous novels, all the great literature. I picture us, years from now, snuggled by a warm fire in the magically dreary weather of Washington, all listening to David reading us a tall tale.

Whether you read fact, fiction, documentaries, or the latest self help book, enjoy what you read. Grab a good book, a cup of hot tea, your snuggie and loose yourself for a few hours in a good book.


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