Living simply in the wild

Settling In

Well the boys and i are settling in just fine. I am absolutely in love with this place, the weather, the rain drops on the roof as we fall asleep, the mountains peaking over the trees, my husband, our little loft apartment, and our neighbors and gracious hosts. I’m so at peace here. I wake up having no agenda, only to enjoy the day. My phone is no longer attached to my side, it is just that…a phone. An item that can be left at the kitchen table. I don’t feel compelled to check facebook 10 times a day in fear that i’ll get behind on my newsfeed and miss some ever-so-important event in someones life. I sit on the floor and make a Zoo out of sticks, blocks, and plastic animals. I do only that in that moment. Multi-tasking? The memory is fading fast. Life is much more efficient and enjoyable when you concentrate on ONE thing at a time. Being able to stop mid-day and have afternoon tea and cookies with our hosts is very comforting. I almost don’t want to leave here in a few months. Almost.

The boys are having a blast outdoors. The weather is…well what can i say, it’s Washington. Does it rain all of the time? Yes, it never stops! You’d hate it here. I’m only kidding, i think locals say it to keep people away. Truth be told it is winter here. That means it is in the 40s and 50s most days with a grey overcast sky most days. I’ve seen the sun once since we’ve been here. It peaks over the mountains and casts glourious light on the trees. Yesturday it rained all day. These aren’t midwest showers. It is a slow drizzle all day. Today is windy and 56 outside with a grey sky. Its wet and muddy, and perfect for two boys and a dog.

photo 1

Trouper LOVES it here. He runs and runs and chases cats, and tries to figure out a way into the chicken coupe so he can go check out these funny black creatures who cluck around the farm.


The boys swing till their hearts content, then we venture into the woods and over the creek. Checking out the moss covered trees and new plants we’ve never seen.

We are nestled into the “Gateway to the Cascade mountains” here. When you drive around on a clear day you can just seeing the rolling mountains inbetween the closer footheels.


Our little apartment is above the garage. Its a wide open loft with a quiant little kitchen, a small bedroom for the boys, a bathroom and a very ‘rustic romance’ feel to it. I simply adore it. Outside of the window above the kitchen table, where i sit writing this, there is a snow capped mountain peaking through the trees just on other side of the road.

photo 1 photo 5

On one side i hear the chitter chatter of the chickens and on the other side i hear the hum of logger trucks driving down the road.

photo 4 photo 3

Its almost surreal. David and i were talking last night about this and we are both slightly in disbelief that we actually did this. We sold almost everything we owned. Except for this pile.

photo 2

We packed up, and headed for a new place. We dreamt for years of mountains and trees and lakes and we are finally living among them. It has brought such a peace, such a harmony, such a completion to us that it is hard to describe.

We love and miss you all! Signing off for now…it’s tea time.

photo 2


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