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Ways to Save: How to save money on Coffee

There is nothing better on a hot day then a nice glass of Iced Coffee. So you head to your local coffee stop, it may or may not rhyme with ‘awe-shucks’.

Go ahead and spend that $3.45 for an Iced Coffee or splurge on the Iced Espresso for a mere $5.25.  You’ll need that extra caffeine to make it through your overtime hours you’ll have to put in to pay for your habitual coffee intake. Maybe it’s time to figure out ways to save money on coffee.

Let me quick break that down for you if you only order 2 drinks per week:

$10.50/week- that’s not too bad

$42/month- ok, so just go out to eat one less time a month and you’re fine

$546/yr- ok really? Just on coffee?!

Are you ready to find ways to save on this habit yet?

Follow these 5 tips for ways to save money, spend less on coffee, and still enjoy a delicious drink!

Ways to save money on coffee:

1. Head to a local thrift store. They have coffee machines lining the shelves. Old ones, new ones. You can pick one up for $5!

2. Brew yourself a whole pot of coffee. But you only want two cups of coffee you say? Just brew the full pot, you’ll find out why soon.

BONUS WAYS TO SAVE: Put that money you tip your barista in your OWN tip jar and name it ‘Vacation Fund’ or ‘New Jeans’ fund. Actually just name it whatever you like.

3. Drink your two cups of coffee AND THEN…

4. Pour the leftover coffee you didn’t drink into a nice large jug and pop that baby in the fridge (or even the freezer!)

5. You’ll have a continuous supply of cold coffee you can whip into Iced Coffee in a moments notice. Your pocketbook will also have more of a supply in it as well. WIN WIN!

ways to save, save on coffeeA wonderful recipe can be found HERE


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