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To Olympia and beyond!

Well it isn’t as exciting as it sounds. But i’ll tell you about it anyways because

A) I drink coffee way too late.


B) I’d much rather do this then meal plan.

So the boring facts: The only day off David has right now is Sunday and he had to drive to headquarters to be fitted for his, oh so fashionable, uniforms.


ALONG with Duty gear and two pairs of handcuffs (so you better behave!). So instead of leaving at 6am on Sunday morning to drive the 3 hours to Olympia Washington we decided to just go down saturday night. So we packed up, tossed the kids and dog in the car and headed south. I will say that i am NOT a fan of driving through Seattle in an 18-wheeler. Yes, i know we only have a Chevy Truck but seriously it might as well be a semi! Only a few near misses and about 9 state troopers later we made it to our hotel.

We let the boys swim a little, ordered a Pizza, and filled up our ice bucket. Because that’s what you do when you stay in a hotel right?

Sunday morning we of course ate the oh-so-great continental breakfast hotels grace you with. The boys were elated! You mean you’re able to have a bowl of cereal, an orange, biscuits and gravy AND a waffle? They were pretty much in heaven. And yes, we don’t get out much. You may judge us for this…but we did not make our children wait 30 minutes before swimming. GASP! (SPOILER:::::IT’S A MYTH). So we swam. Again.

We packed up, checked out 6 minutes late and were headed home. Except that sounded super lame to me. So i quickly checked my mirrors and dashed towards the route we hadn’t taken on the way down. We are supposed to be headed North East? Well of course i’m going to turn and go North West, did you expect any different?

We headed up the Puget sound coastline which was a nice drive.

Weaving through small logger towns, tiny villages with cute little coffee shops, and seeing some pretty neat views. Totally worth it. We wanted to head further west to our ‘dream area’ of Washington but it was a few hours too far at this point. I would have taken more pictures but i was doing most of the driving because my passengers were entirely too busy enjoying the nice ride.

So we ended up on a fairy.


The boys thought it was pretty sweet driving our truck onto a boat. And by ‘boys’ i really mean David.


Talk about a luxury cruise! It has wi-fi, video games, and concession stands. All luxury cruise prices of course. $3 for a small popcorn, $2.50 for a coffee.


A half hour and potty break later, we jumped back into the truck and waited our turn to drive off of our water chariot.

One animated traffic controller saw our awesome Nebraska license plates and decided to tell us some jokes, which i apparently gave dirty looks and eye rolls to.

Why do mermaids wear Sea Shells? Because A & B shells are too small.

Why don’t bears eat clowns? Because they are funny looking.

Please tell me i’m not the only one who eye-rolls at these jokes.

So at this point we were on a hunt…for Seafood of course! We somehow stumbled upon China town and knew the fates led us here. We stopped and ate at a place where i was 100% the lightest skinned and blondest Asian there. I think i almost had them fooled. But i’m sure my staring gave it away. Have you ever been to a very authentic Asian restaurant where you eat family style? It’s quite the experience! (Sorry no pictures, i didn’t want to completely blow my cover)

Next door was a Chinese Herb Store and then the BIGGEST Asian market i’ve ever seen! It was amazing. David called it heaven. It was like the Walmart size of Asian Markets. Their produce was fantastic, but the meats and seafood were PHENOMENAL! They even had separate butchering counters. One just for seafood, the other just for meats. They had glass walls of lobster and crabs and live fish. They had buckets of clams and oysters. They had rows of fresh caught fish i’ve never seen or heard of before. There was Octopus. Tuna. eel. Shark fin. Fish heads. I’m still in awe just remembering it!

Wondering around this store was worth the drive alone! But it was getting late so we stopped and grabbed a coffee (coffee is this new theme in my life) and headed towards our home. After that our highlight was seeing a 4-door Sport Sedan pulling out of the parking spot next to us. Not real exciting except for the fact it was a Porsche that has a $175K price tag!

A) Who buys those things?!

and more importantly…

B) Who would drive it into a crowded parking lot! If i owned that thing it would be in a glass case.

So that was our little trip to Olympia and Beyond. Not too bad for our first jaunt around the Waters.



4 responses

  1. Mom

    What a wonderful, fun, adventure! You make it nothing but pure joy and delight! Love the blogs so much as we get to still be a part of this wonderful adventure with all of you. David is gonna be so …………(can’t come up with a word yet) in his uniform!
    love you guys!!!!!!!!

    March 13, 2013 at 1:46 pm

  2. alinthakhan

    Studly may be the word you were looking for haha.

    March 14, 2013 at 12:01 am

  3. Debbie

    Awesome adventure you are all getting to go on! If we make it up to visit – the Asian market is a must experience.

    March 19, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    • It was the best market I’ve seen. But I’m betting that in Seattle we could find many more treasures. Just haven’t had made it into the the city yet.

      March 19, 2013 at 2:47 pm

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