Living simply in the wild

Deception Pass

St. Patricks day we were surrounded by the most pristene greens anyone can ever ask for. Was it green eggs and ham? Green booze? Green cabbage? Not even close. It was the greens of the land. The green moss covered trees, the green leaves all around, the green rocks scattered on the beach, the green hued water. Pictures can do no justice to the beauty we see in person, but if you can open your imagination a little you may begin to see the wonder as well.

This gorgous area is a strait separating Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island. It connects Skagit Bay, part of Puget Sound, with the Strait of Juan de Fuca. I’m starting to piece all these funny names together and its exciting to know what is what now. These waters still are confusing but even more majestic!

There are 2 bridges that cross over the straight. They are massive and incredibly high. The cross winds that gust over these bridges are so powerful they’ve been known to nearly blow a semi off the side. Grimmer still, this bridge has become  a magnet for suicides in western Washington.

Instead of crossing over on foot, with two feather weight boys, we decided to hike under and around. Sometimes we like to play it safe. So we hiked through the forest down to the beach.

Windy and Cold? Absolutly. That wind coming off the Sea into the straight it cold and powerful. But the boys loved running from the waves and throwing rocks. So we continued on.

With wind chapped cheaks and runny noses we headed back into the trees for some protection from the wind.dec2 dec3 dec4 dec5 dec dec1 dec6

We took a small hike up and around. Nature provides you with plenty to see. She’s actually pretty fun in some things she creates and the boys got a kick out of some of natures jungle gyms.

When we made it back to our truck we headed north to Anacortes.


Such a quiant little port town. Most everything is closed on Sundays but we found Bob’s. A cute little chowder house with local seafood. All i can say it that the clam Chowder was so yummy and Long John Silver has NOTHING on the fried fish that comes out of this joint.

We are slowly learning new things wherever we go. We need to be a little more prepared in some aspects. And i need to get a backpack to carry essentials too. All this will slowly come in time, but each venture out we learn something new and make appropriate changes for the next time.

Up next on our wish list:

  • A high quality camera that can take a beating and water
  • Hiking pack for Dave & Amber, with possible built in water storage
  • Water wicking clothes for us all
  • Backpack carry for those times when Kasen just can’t go any further and we are only half way through the trail.

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