Living simply in the wild

You can take the city out of the girl (or boy).

This past weekend we hung up our hiking shoes and headed to the big city. Seattle that is. I know wearing tennis shoes doesn’t seem like a big deal or anything to write home about but this was only the 2nd time wearing tennis shoes since we’ve been here. We are usually decked out in waterproof boots covered in mud and rain jackets.
We couldn’t of picked a better weekend to head out. It’s been gorgeous here, and actually still is. Sunny and 50s. Actually to make you all a little more jealous…i’m typing this on the tree swing with laundry hanging on the line.
We learned a few little things this past weekend. Do not, i repeat do not, speed on I-5. This is the main interstate through Washington and the State Troupers take great pride in their ability to pull people over. If you are about to pass the speed limit sign going from 70mph to 60mph you better start slowing down long before you hit that Speed limit sign. If you’re wondering at this point if we got a ticket? The answer is ‘no’. But we passed 7 people pulled over in the 75 mile trip who were not so lucky.

Seattle has a lot of fun things to do. Obviously there is the Space Needle and Aquariums and Museums. All are probably really great and wonderful but none of those were on our list.
A) We didn’t want to spend the money on all the attractions and
B) We like just wondering around like the locals (although clearly everyone can tell we are NOT locals)

Our first stop was at the International District.


It is a few blocks where just about every culture in Asia is represented. The little markets and herb shops are tucked into the buildings, the smells of Pho and Dim Sum fill the streets. We spent most of our time wondering around looking for a place for the boys to go Potty, perks of traveling with little ones. After a few moments of panic, their not going to make it, we found one tucked away by a food court. After the little guys, and one big guy, were able to breathe again we stopped and ate some Asian BBQ. Yum!

Our 2nd stop was Pike Place Market.


When i moved here i gave up thinking things through and went with the just going with the flow. This was the first time it came back to bite us. TIP:::: If you like to stop and smell the roses, literally, Do NOT goto Pike Place on a Saturday! As awesome as this place was it’s hard to enjoy something when its wall to wall people and every time someone stops to look at something there is a domino effect of people bumping into one another.


The seafood that is sold there is absolutely amazing! There are rows and rows of gorgeous produce and fresh flowers and homemade jams and anything crafty your heart could possibly desire.


There’s even a whole alley way filled with chewed gum!

It’s actually quite gross if you think about it.

We luckily found our way out of the sea of people and headed to the actual sea, which is way more peaceful. Sort of. Our view of the fairies going across the Salish Sea was quickly tainted by a stench of some burning substances, a young guy rolling up some peculiar looking tobacco product into a paper, and a picnic table of tweakers who were pulling out their glass pipes. Needless to say we decided that was enough for one day and headed back to the car.

We had one last stop we wanted to make. It was the Ballard Locks.


Here you can get within a few feet of the ships coming from the fresh water of the Ship Canal to the salt water of the Puget Sound.


Each boat has to be ‘locked’ into a passageway then from there the water height adjusts to allow for safe passage.


There is also the fish ladder the was built to allow Salmon to pass between the fresh and salt waters to navigate through. A wall lined with glass panels allows you to watch.It is a little early in the year for them to be passing through but we did see a few small Salmon swimming the path, but nothing like we would see in July where masses of fish travel the ladder.

On the way back we stopped at a Pizza Joint where the menus look like old record sleeves, drinks are served out of mini sand buckets with shovels, and they give your kid a hunk of pizza dough to play with while their cooking your order.

All and all we enjoyed our little trek into the city but we were most excited about coming back and putting our boots back on. If you know me, Amber, at all you know my love for big cities and desire to be in them. This weekend i realized that i am either getting old or that i am transforming as a person yet again. David has never liked the big city scene. He says, “It’s like going to 1,000 Walmart’s on a Sunday after church…you just don’t do it”. There is a type of big city magic that is spectacular, i won’t deny that at all. But for us, for me, my magic is now in the trees, up on the mountains, along the streams. I used to long for the towering buildings, bright lights, city smells, and that big city energy. Now i want nothing more then to hear the birds calls, the bubbling brook, the frogs croaks, the rustle of trees. These are the things i want to see and hear. This is our home now.


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