Living simply in the wild

Enchanted Forest

We spend a lot of our hiking time on the ground level of Western Washington.

We would love to climb up the mountain ladders, and believe me, we’ve tried. It is April here, which is spring. But unlike back in the midwest when once the snow starts to melt away it goes fast, up here it is slightly different. It’s warm and 50s most days down here on the forest floors, but up in the mountains it still hits freezing and snows. The mountain passes through the Cascades won’t open up till later in May since they are still tunneling their way through the snow piles taller then you and i.

We are nestled into the foothills against Mount Baker, so we only see the mountain when we drive further away from it. We’ve tried to drive up to it a few times and have been stopped before we can make it very far due to snowed over roads.

So just hop in your truck, turn on the 4-wheel drive and keep going. RIght? Umm, not exactly. When i say snowed over roads i mean there is no possible way anything other then a snow mobile is going to be able to go any further. But snowed over roads won’t bring us down, we may be little but we have big ideas. What’s our big idea you ask? Simply drive to another side of the mountain and go up.


Genius i know.

After Davids graduation ceremony (more on that in an upcoming post),

IMGP0962 IMGP0970 IMGP0974 copy fern floor greens moss

We took a road we’ve never traveled.


3,589 feet later (Our home in Sedro Woolley sits at 55ft) we were as far as we could go. And i will say it was pretty amazing. We traveled through clouds,


watched the temperature drop steadily by 26 degrees, saw buildings buried, and trees try to shake off the snow that covered them.



We’ve realized that we are here in the wrong season to make any really cool mountain hikes so more times then not we decide to stick to the forest floor. Funny enough that when the mountain tops are still swaddled in snow the forest floors come to life. . .

Moss and Lichen hang from the trees like the beard of an old mans chin.


A green surf of Moss stretches itself across rocks and scales up trees.



Faces hide among the velvet threads woven into the bark.


Mushrooms spring from the ground clustered in the smallest of colonies.


Fungus of all shapes and sizes fuse to the flora creating stairways to the canopy.


Fairy slippers hang from tiny branches.


Pixie skirts twirl in the slightest of breeze.



Spigots leak out the side of rocks splashing the ground below.


The ground echoes as you walk above the hollow interwoven tunnels. With roots as old as the earth itself.


Green encompasses everything. One shade of green grows into another shade which grows into another. An unending rainbow of greens paint as far as the eye can see.


Slugs creep along just as slowly as an hour hand glides around a clock.


Never will you see trees so tall, wooden columns that seem to hold up the heavens.


The wind whispers through the trees speaking the language only they can understand. Trees whine as the wind brushes them against one another.


Bottle green glacier water lies in pools bumpered by mountains.


You can stop and hear the birds converse amongst themselves in an array of tones  and notes.


They speak with the babbling brooks who are leaping between the rocks.


Even the Rainbows dive from the sky to seek shelter among the trees.


The Ferns tap against the forest floor like fingers on a piano.


There is magic everywhere you look deep inside this enchanted forest floor.

All pictures were taken by Amber & David Linthakhan on one of our many hikes (Mt. Baker national forest, Mt baker hwy 542) and are the property of Copywrite 2013.















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