Living simply in the wild

Dream Big. #makingithappen

As busy as we get exploring the new terrain, making our house a home, weeding through the garden, working a few late nights as a Ranger, we seem to stop every few days a reflect. Frankly we are still pinching ourselves in slight disbelief that we actually made such a huge jump in life. I know for many of us change us scary, the unknown scares the pants off of us most days. Being out of our comfort zone is deadly.
To be quite honest we are way out of our comfort zone here and there are scary parts to it. Take, for example, going to throw a load of laundry in and all of a sudden this spider jumps out at you waving all 8,000 legs, spitting and swearing at you. I swear he was the size of my hand, David says I over exaggerate. Either way, living among the creepies scares the heebee Jeebees out of me.

As happy as we are that we took a leap of faith and are living this crazy wonderful life that we only thought we would dream of. It led us to think about all of YOU. Everyone has dreams, goals, crazy things they want do or see. Honestly we want to know yours. We would love to be able to help, inspire, encourage everyone who follows along with our life. Making your dreams a reality can be messy. It can be hard and stressful. But the payoff is so much greater when you know how hard you had to push to get where you are.

Lets start a movement, lets get excited, lets dig deep and find that dream you have stuffed deep into a closet because of fear, because of ridicule, because you thought it was impossible.

We want to hear about your dreams. This is your chance to share and talk about the dreams that make you feel alive and the dreams you keep hidden because of fear. We will only encourage and inspire, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll meet someone with the same dream as you. Or someone who is able to help make your dream a reality. Or maybe YOU will be able to help someone make their dream come to life.

To share your dream with us leave a comment below…


Get on facebook and leave your dream on our wall.


Send your dream on Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #makingithappen


Send us an email to

We may feature some dreams of yours, putting it out there to our readers to help connect all you dreamers out there and maybe inspire the non-dreamers to start dreaming agin.

So guys and dolls…ready, set, dream!



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