Living simply in the wild

Simplify: Throw out the Boob-Tube

Before you roll your eyes, put your hand out to the computer and say, “brick wall” like they did back in the 90s, just hear me out.

We are going on 3 months of no TV. Yay, big whoop, right? Look, we love TV just as much as the next person. In fact it was pretty much our nightly ritual. We’d all pile onto the couch as a family and watch a couple shows or a movie. It was nice. It was relaxing. It was down time. I always wanted to do other stuff as a family in the evenings but somehow that big ‘ol TV just sucked us in almost every single night.

Now, obviously we aren’t completely unplugged. The boys have their Nooks they play games on, we have the computer to stream TV or watch movies if we want, and of course we both have our iPhones we dink around on. But not having a TV to chain us to a couch really has had more of an effect then i thought it would.

A few things it has done:

We eat at the dinner table as a family every single night.

I don’t have to yell over the TV to get someones attention.

The boys don’t have awful cartoons that sink into their brains any more.

We get bored in the evenings and it forces us to do other things.

Now instead of sitting on the couch at nights, we read together as a family. We have sword fights. IMGP1129


We’ve been known to roll down hills.


Or Go for walks


We often sit and feed the wildlife.IMGP2007

Or look to see what new thing grew in the gardenIMGP1678

We love on Trouper.


We stalk Marmots that are squeaking in our garden. IMGP1557

We sit and stare in awe at hummingbirds flying outside our windows.


Then when the boys goto bed is when it really gets interesting! We’ve stayed up playing cards, reading by the fire, surfing the internet, and trying to bribe the other person to make the hour drive to Taco Bell for some late night snacks like we used to.

Do we miss just sitting on the couch and watching the tube? You betcha. We miss some of our shows that we would watch religiously. But we hear they are getting along fine without us. Their world didn’t end because we stopped watching. Now, yes, i’ll admit. We do catch a show or two once in a while. But we seem to be over half a season behind on most of our shows so the thought of trying to get caught up seems wasteful at this point. But it does give us something to do on those nights where we want to put the cards down. At the rate we are going we’ll be finished with this seasons shows in about a year and a half.

Many people get along just fine without the TV and have for most of their lives. It’s just not a part of them and thats awesome. People who watch TV are awesome too. But i challenge you to unplug that TV, hide the remote in the junk drawer you don’t dare open or everything will fall out. Do it just for ONE week. If your scared you’re going to miss a show, i promise you can find them online and you can watch them next week. Just see what it’s like. It can be a little awkward at first. Having to have conversations with the people you live with. Scary. But i promise you that you’ll survive, and may find that you might want to go two weeks…or maybe even three. Heck, i’ll support you if you want to throw your TV out!

So give it a try and let us know how it goes for you.


One response

  1. Amber

    Soul Sister,

    I support this!!! I often tell myself I don’t have time for TV! So it’s rare if I ever watch it. It’s so simple to do! I love living tvless but many others don’t feel my love of being unplugged, they will come around!

    Love Ya!!!

    May 18, 2013 at 10:04 am

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