Living simply in the wild

Out on the water

Water is one of those things that can stir many different emotions. It is calming, it is encompassing, it is frightening, it is dark, it is unknown, it is serene. One thing can be so many different things, it is quite amazing. IMGP2201

This Lake is much longer then it is wide. Some days the lake is placid and quiet and other days it bubbling with life.

The calm lake invites you in, it welcomes you.


It draws you in with whispers of a sweet melody. But you must known that she who speaks is a Siren.A beautiful goddess who can swallow you whole. The placid lake swoons you to believe you can take an easy glide straight up the lake. Going way beyond where the roads stop. Gliding around the bends to admire the untouched beauty of its cliffs, mountain peaks, waterfalls and still waters. It sits and waits until an unsuspecting fisherman waits for his catch in the tiny metal can he sit in. The gusts of wind can swoop in at any moment off the top of the cliffs and swells will rise above 4 feet without any warning at all. The steep cliffs leave you no where to dock and the jagged rocks can crush a boat like a tin can.


And the lake, she will swallow you with no remorse.

And she is beautiful. She is respected. She is admired, and she is feared.


We have had a dream of buying a small boat to sail up to the small unincorporated village of Stehikin, which sits at the very northern edge of the Lake. The only way to this town is by boat or seaplane. No more then 100 people inhabit the town year round. It is a half days trip just to get there but equipped with some astonishing views. The danger that lies in this specific journey is intriguing yet a dream crusher. So for now we’ll just throw in our little canoe, and sail around the known. There’s still plenty to explore around us, before the roads subside.

A castle, hidden creeks, and abundant wildlife.




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