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Simple Tip: To Teach Kids Table Manners

If you live with a house-full of boys like i do. Or if you have children of any type then you know the ‘table manner’ routine.

“Don’t chew with your mouth open”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.

“Please Don’t stand on the chair”

“Please Sit down”

“Turn around”

“Cover your mouth when you burp, and please please please say excuse me”

How To Teach Kids Table Manners

It gets tiresome. So i just stopped telling my boys ‘don’t do that’. Now I just pull out Pig.

Pig you ask? Well we have a Pig and Whenever someone has less than ideal table manners, i don’t say anything. I just reach for Pig and place Pig in front of the persons plate who has forgotten their manners. And we continue dinner. If someone else has even less the ideal  table manners Pig is moved in front of that persons plate and we continue dinner. The person who has Pig at the end of dinner gets the privilege of clearing the entire table for everyone. On a normal day when no one gets Pig each person clears their own place, so it’s a bit of a consequence to have to clear the WHOLE table by themself, but it’s not a PUNISHMENT by any means. The word ‘punishment’ makes me cringe, but that’s a post for the parenting experts to address and take on, not me. So it’s actually more of a game then anything To Teach Kids Table Manners. No one cries when they get Pig by their plate, they just try harder for the rest of the meal to brush up on their manners. And hopefully we will raise a few boys whose wives will be very pleased they don’t have to teach their husbands manners along with their own children someday. Hopefully.

To Teach Kids Table Manners


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