Living simply in the wild

Secret Hide-a-way

If you missed Fridays post you and check it out HERE, it was a fun time-lapse video of part of our day.

It seems like every time David has a day off we try to go far away and hide. We love the park and everything in it, but when you live where you work you NEED to get away.

The park beach is a great place to go. The water is ice-cold, the view is awesome, but it’s incredibly crowded. We wanted to let Trouper off the leash to run as well and we certainly can’t do that inside the park! So we took a little hike, went off roading a bit and had to fight our way through some thick brush, and down a sleep slope to get to an area the boys have dubbed ‘Secret Sands’.

I’m not sure how long it will be there as the water in the lake is still rising, but it was so nice. A few boats passed us, one duck came swimming along, and a handful of butterflies. But other than that there wasn’t a soul around! Just the way we like it.

So if you come to visit and our little beach is still above water, we will take you there. But you can’t be opposed to a few scrapes from the thorny bushes, a rattle snake or two, and some deer poo. So if you’re up for the hike we may just let you in on our secret spot.









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