Living simply in the wild

We’ve moved!

Don’t worry, not from Chelan yet. We will hopefully be here a while. We are however moving websites…

We’ve been working hard to get a new website up and running….and i think we have is figured out enough to let everyone know! With transferring websites there’s always some bumps and tweaks along the way but it should be a pretty easy and short process for you all.

We think we figured out how to transfer all you email subscribers to automatically transfer over, but i apologize if some of you get left out in cyber-land somewhere. It won’t be intentional, as we love each and every one of you. NOTE:::::We have a place on the new website for you to enter in your email just like before and VOILA, you’ll be back getting emails from us in as easy as 1-2-3!

This will be the last post on this site…you’ll be able to find all past posts and comments at our brand new location. Bare with us as we will be making little changes here and there but for the most part everything is laid out the same and the only thing you have to worry about is typing fewer letters when visiting us. Woot woot!

So go check it out…now…hurry! And subscribe by email so you don’t forget!

SPOILER:::::you’ll want to find the new site quickly and get subscribed because we have some blog posts all lined up. Including one from the Ranger himself, yes i said it. I finally chained him down long enough for him to write a few thoughts.



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