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Simple Recipe: Jerk-E

If your a mans-man then you LOVE beef jerky, in fact you just love anything Beef. At least according to Ranger. This man will devour countless bags of jerky day or night. Rangers Granddad makes a killer Deer Jerky which we get once a year at Christmas time and as much as we try to ‘make it last’ it sure doesn’t stick around long. If you’ve bought Jerky lately you know that its EXPENSIVE! Like $8 for a small bag. Which is outrageous to me and i scowl at the Ranger every time he comes strutting out of a gas station with Jerky in hand.

So my food dehydrator almost didn’t make the move but i’m glad i had enough foresight to keep the thing around. After taking the plunge and making the first batch of jerky it has become a pretty easy, painless, and un-scary process now.

Beef Jerk-E



1 1/4C Brown Seasoning Sauce (buy this from an Asian Market to make your wallet happy, otherwise most grocery stores have it but its more pricey. You can sub soy sauce but i would do 1C soy sauce and 1/4 C water so not to be as salty)

1/2 C Worcestershire sauce

1/2 Tbl Liquid Smoke

3 tsp Garlic Powder

3 tsp Onion Powder

1 1/2 tsp Pepper

1/8tsp Red pepper flakes

4 Tbls cane sugar or brown sugar

1/2 C water

2lbs of Top round Beef-fat trimmed and thinly sliced.

Mix first 9 ingredients in a bowl, and then soak the meat in for 6 hours.

Place meat strips on dehydrator racks and dry until meat is firm, but still has a little bend to it. Anywhere from 10-15hours.


-Top Round and Eye of Round are the best to use because it is so lean but can be Pricey. Brisket, flank steak, Bottom Round can be used but trying to cut out all the fat can be more trouble then its worth. Basically Just get the cheapest, leanest cut you can.

-Ask the meat counter to slice it for you. This saves a ton of time! Thickness of slices is all personal preference. Just know the thicker the slices the longer the dry time.

-For a more chewy jerky slice with the grain. For a more tender jerky slice against the grain.

-Rotate your drying racks every 4 hours for more even drying.

This seems complicated and quite a few steps, but other than watching it slightly close while drying it’s super easy. And even if you let it dry to long, it’s still good jerky. You may just have to chew it a little longer to break it down.


Ranger sprinkled A BUNCH of red pepper flakes on half the meat immediately after i put it on the drying racks. He likes a little spice in his life, why do you think he married me? So there you have it, Jerk-E that isn’t too much of a Jerk to make.


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