Living simply in the wild

Real Talk: Just Excuses

Ok, its been a long time since my last post and I suppose I should start by apologizing for being a bad blogger. So, I’m sorry.IMG_0052

Good now that we are past that let me start by saying thank you all for your support and for following along as my wife has tried to fill this blog with posts about the different things we are doing. IMG_0156


I must say the past six months have been quite the roller coaster. Leaving my life in Omaha to start “school”, traveling half way across the U.S. to do so, being so far removed from my family, studying, and also trying to still find time for myself and my family.


As difficult as it was and asoften as I considered just throwing in the proverbial towel, I came out the victor. I accomplished something that I had always told myself I couldn’t do.IMG_5262


I had always made up excuses as to why I never completed any college. “I can’t sit in a chair all day and learn anything.” or “ School just isn’t for me.”

IMG_2048oh and then there was the one where I convinced myself that there was no option of school, “I have to make the money to keep this family afloat.” I took my responsibility as a father and husband serious and I was so focused on making sure that the life I gave my family was better than the one I had growing up that I lost sight of something extremely important… My self.IMG_7993


Even with all the reasons not todo it I somehow found at least one better reason to do it. The reason was a selfish reason I’ll admit but dreams don’t have to be only for the dreamers. Why shouldn’t the grounded and steadfast be allowed feel the wind lift him to the clouds once in a while? So, what was the one reason that pushed me to take the leap? Simple, I want to smile again.IMG_7700Yeah I smiled before but it was more often than not a fake smile, a generic one to offer the next person I passed. It was more of a courtesy, not because I was in love with life or excited to be David Linthakhan “The Salesman”. It was because who buys anything from someone with a bad attitude. FAKE! I was fed up with it, I wanted happiness, and so I closed my eyes stepped over the ledge.


IMG_8688Now, I can say that I am happy, truly happy. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the states. I protect the plants, the animals, the people, and the park. I am living MY dream.IMG_4794



Not the “American” one, not the one that we are brainwashed into wanting. I am talking about the one where when you were a kid you would say you wanted to grow up to be a policeman or firefighter. I am a Park Ranger.




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