Living simply in the wild

A Special Fathers Day Post

A little boy was sitting in his grandfather’s lap as he read him a story. From time to time, he would take his eye’s off the book and reach up to touch granddads wrinkled cheek. By and by he was alternately stroking his own cheek, then the wrinkled one again.Finally he spoke, “Granddaddy, did God make you?””Yes,” he answered, “God made me a long time ago.””Oh he said,” then “Granddaddy, did God make me too?””Yes, indeed” he assured him. “God made you just a little while ago”.

“Oh” he said. Feeling their respective faces again, he observed, “God’s getting better at it now isn’t he?”


There is such a common theme when it comes to fathers…they don’t expect much. On mothers day you know you’re supposed to do the flowers, and breakfast in bed thing, and get her a nice gift that she’s been dropping very non-subtle hints about for months. Dads…cook them some good food, and let them nap a couple hours and their good. Everyone has heard that moms are overworked and underpaid for all they do (which i strongly agree with!) but what about Dads? When’s the last time you said “Thanks for the hot water Dad”

“These lights are sure great at night Dad, thanks”

“Gee Dad, it sure would’ve been cold here this winter if it wasn’t for you, thanks”

They don’t complain about not being told Thanks for all they do. They just do it.

I’m also convinced we don’t give them near as much credit. They are way smarter then we think! They’ve been known to ‘ruin’ a load of laundry because if they do then they know they’ll never be asked to do such a task again. They always go searching for something and come up empty handed so then you must get up and find it for them…and eventually they just start asking “do you know where my belt is?” And instead of trying to explain to them where it is at you just sigh and go get it for them. And the times when they go out to the shop to ‘fix’ something that should take 10min…2 hours go by and they’ve yet to return. Or how they magically know where the bowls are when they want a bowl of cereal, but when it comes to unloading the dishwasher they suddenly have no clue and just stuff the bowl anywhere they deem appropriate. I’m onto you guys…but don’t worry, your secret it safe with me.

Dad’s are many things…providers, coaches, supporters, observers. They are there when you need picked up after falling, they are there to teach you how to ride your bike, to show you how to avoid the housework, teach you how to ‘arm pit’ fart, laugh with you, and even cry with you. Of all these things the most important is that he’s “There”…in your life. Whether he’s in the front row cheering you, coaching you, or whether he’s in the backrow observing.

So today don’t forget to go hug your Dad and let him know you appreciate that hot shower, or the basement light, or the air conditioning. And yes i know, this is assuming he’s the breadwinner…but if he’s not, then i’m sure there are 100 other things you could thank him for.

Happy Fathers Day Dads! If we don’t say it enough…we really are thankfully for you.


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