Living simply in the wild

Those Darn Marmots

Perhaps you’ve seen me post about Yellow Bellied Marmots before. These little critters are EVERYWHERE. I’m actually quite certain that they are related to the Gremlins and they multiply whenever they get wet. This is ideal for them as they live in the rocks by the waters edge. They are some noisy little things too. They let off this shril, high pitch SQUEAK. You’ll hear squeaks deep beneath the rocks, underneath picnic tables, in the brush, on top of hillsides, underneath your vehicle. These little varmints they are. But we still feel like we hit the lottery whenever we see one. Which is lucky for us because all you have to do is step outside and your bound to see a handful.


Now that the park is getting busier and the guests are so generously feeding all the animals. Which by the way is an $87 fine. They are getting more brave and will pretty much flock to whomever is holding the bag of bread, the hot dogs, or even a candy wrapper.

We are starting to see the effects of humans feeding animals, and it’s pretty obvious why they don’t want you to feed them. The ducks and marmots and squirrels all flood the campsites expecting each and every person to fill their little bellies. This results in a lot of shooing away by most people who don’t wish bird and marmot droppings all over their claimed camping space for the weekend. Be it with a beach towel, a fire poker, or a rock.

IMGP2275 copy

Once we saw a man with his pickup truck down by the dock. Not an unusual sight, normally, except the man didn’t own a boat. Yet he continued down the boat launch with his truck, driving it into the water. Turns out there was a Marmot up beneath his pickup truck and he was simply trying to drown the critter out by flooding the truck. Sounds pretty logical. I’m pretty sure the story didn’t end too well…for this mans truck.

So Please don’t feed the animals. They may love getting food from you, but not everyone loves giving their food to them and they will chase them away by any means. Plus $87 is a lot of jack!

IMGP2339 copy

Now i know you’ve seen posts about us feeding the animals so doesn’t that make us hypocrites? Or is it just feeding the animals in our very own yard? Should we be fined for having bird feeders in our front yard? Who knows. But I do know that since the park has been busy we’ve not seen Mr. & Mrs. Brokebeak for quite some time. Perhaps our healthy snacks we’ve given them aren’t as good as the stale bread they get around the campsites. I don’t have the answers. But i do have some new pets.





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