Living simply in the wild

Simple Yard fix

Our front yard looked pretty dull and neglected when we pulled up.


I knew we were in trouble because i can barley keep cilantro alive. But i gave my best shot at it by planting some seeds to some beautiful tall growing flowers in the space below our front window. Days passed then weeks passed and basically it had turned into a mound of dirt, with nothing of value growing in it. So i decided to scrap the idea of being able to have beautiful flowers in that spot and thought of something i can’t kill. Then it hit me! Rocks. Luckly it wasn’t a literal ‘hit me’. But I can totally handle a rock garden, and let me tell you, there is no short supply of rocks in our yard.

So i grabbed:

  • A Shovel
  • A bucket
  • Newspaper
  • Old wine barrels (but any pieces of slat wood will do)
  • Mulch
  • and of course a couple wheel barrels full of Rocks!

I decided i didn’t need to do any preplanning so i just started making squares out of the old wine barrel slats till i liked how they looked.


I buried them about half way under ground so they’d stay put, then i simply laid down some newspaper inside the boxes, great weed blocker, and filled a few boxes with rocks. I’ll be quite honest…it looked pretty lame for a good 2 weeks. I neglected finishing the project so it was just a few boxes with rocks and that was it. But we finally put mulch around it and planted some mint inside the boxes and now it just pops!


IMGP3099 copy

The mint should seed itself and become more full as time goes by, and we shouldn’t have to do much weeding because of the newspaper and mulch! Anything that is low maintenance is my kind of maintenance.


By reusing items we have found we made this whole project cost $0. Minus a couple hours of labor, extra soap and shampoo to get the dirt out, and a few shrill screams due to spiders. I’m still debating whether it was worth standing under a tree that was covered with ants, some nights i swear i can still feel them crawling all over me. But between using logs that had fallen in the park that had been chipped up and using old grocery store adds as the newspaper we really went completely thrifty on this project and i think it turned out quite well.





IMGP3095 copy



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