Living simply in the wild

Real Talk: Consumerism

Give your eyes a little roll, you know you want to. “oh great, here Amber goes on another soap box”. I promise i’ll try not to be up there too long.
Urban Landscapes - Excess lanes

We are living simply, but in no way do we consider ourselves ‘minimalist’. I love to collect things, i love things on shelves, i love pictures hanging on walls…it makes it home for me.
Most everything we have in our home has been repurposed from things we found out in the garage that previous residents to this house have left, a few bigger items like a bed and couch came from craigslist, and everything else was so generously given to us from inside of our Park Ranger family. We don’t need anything more than what we have. In fact we could do without a lot of the stuff we do have. Yet when i go into town i am caught up by all this ‘stuff’. I snagged some $2 curtains today from the thrift store because i figured the park guests and employees are tired of seeing the Rangers wife speeding past the dining room window in a towel in hopes no one will notice. And frankly I’m a little tired of holding back my dancing skills in the kitchen when my favorite song comes on the radio. Today when i was walking through some, large, name-less, big box store i found myself wandering through aisle after aisle of all these shiny amazing things that i need. Then i noticed myself landing in the curtain section checking out the shiny curtain rods to go with my used curtains i just bought. Then checking out the pretty new curtains that weren’t faded and didn’t have a rip on the bottom left corner. I nearly had myself convinced that i needed these items. I mean, How can you hang curtains without a proper curtain rod? And, How silly are these faded curtains going to look on this brand new shiny curtain rod?


Needless to say i put myself in time out, checked the contents of my shopping cart for any other items that told me i should buy them, and ran for the nearest check-out.

That’s not the first time it’s happened, and i’m sure it’s not the last. It’s hard to break away from the consumer life. We need this and this and this. The more stuff you own, the more your stuff owns you. We create way more work for ourselves when we own more things. We have to work harder to pay for the items, we have to figure out where to keep the items and all of it’s parts, we have to figure out where to store the item when it has become boring and dull, we have to figure out if we should keep the items or sell them or just toss them out. It’s exhausting.

I’m sure i’ve said it before but the things that matter most in life shouldn’t be things. If you’re not content with what you have, you wont be content with double. Let me say that again…slowly this time…

If you’re not content with what you have…You’ll never be content with double.

Let that one sink in.

[clumsily trips off soapbox]
red milk crate


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