Living simply in the wild

Nature calls and it doesn’t care where you are

Real life happens, and when it does its usually not very pretty. But it’s a part of life and sometimes it’s ok to get mad, cry, laugh, or throw your hands up in situations.

Real life happens everyday whether you ask for it or not.

We celebrated our 4th year wedding anniversary!

14842_547215359372_7285005_nIMGP3260 copy

Normally this isn’t something you usually drag the kids along with, but the kids didn’t have a choice but to tag along. We were going camping!

IMGP3134 copy

I found a campsite alongside a beautiful creek, in the mountains, with a swimming hole near by. We were staying for 2 nights and super excited!


Arriving at our choice location, we failed to find the swimming hole. But that didn’t matter much because it was 50 degrees and raining. So we threw that plan out, drove on an overgrown forest service road in search of a dispersed campsite. JACK POT!


We found a great spot, by a roaring creek, with mountains in the background.

IMGP3147 copy

The rain kept coming.

But we just laughed in her face…because we brought along our top shelter building Ranger. Who can also build a pretty mean campfire…despite the fact we forgot matches.

IMGP3284 copy


Ate a warm meal and tucked two tired and crabby kids in bed.


“moooooom, mooooooom. I went pee”. Great honey, thanks for sharing. Oh wait…you didn’t make it out of the sleeping bag. Ya, that’s Life calling.

One Sleeping bag down. Along with the only pair of PJs the kid has.

The rest of the day was a mix of rain and children fighting and crying.

Happy Anniversary to us!

IMGP3264 copy


Settled down with a big fire, hot coco and bedtime story.

IMGP3305 copy

Then an argument about hanging the trash up in the tree, and tent to fire proximity, and which bears roam this area.


“moooooom, moooooom. I peed”. Well hello again LIFE!

This was followed by a scramble to get the wet clothes and sleeping bag out of the tent as to not attract unwanted visitors. A wake up call for the other child to go pee so we don’t have yet ANOTHER accident. Accompanied by cries and ‘i don’t wanna’s’ because it’s too dark and scary outside of our paper-thin tent. And yes, 40s and still raining.

Two sleeping bags down. Along with the other childs Pjs. *side note* our kids have been night-time trained for YEARS! I blame it on the late night hot coco and the rushing creek right next to us.

So now two smelly kids pile under the one blanket Ranger and i share. Luckily body heat kicks in so we all stay nice and toasty.


“moooooom, moooooooom”….What now LIFE?!?!? Go away i’m sleeping.   “I gotta poop”.

Now this particular area we were camping in isn’t equipped with any sort of toilet and is miles to the next toilet. So rubbing our eyes and cursing the whole way coach the child how to do his business squatting. Needless to say, we lost another pair of underwear in that particular situation.


We were on the road home. And I’ve been doing laundry ever since.

Life is messy, literally, it’s stained with tears, blood and, urine. Even in the most beautiful of places life is messy and hard. Take life lessons from each smelly and unpleasant situation you wind up in. From here on out I am now bringing extra pairs of underwear for the boys and at least one extra bottle of wine the next time we go camping.




3 responses

  1. Trisha Honkoski

    Well said. These messy situations are tough enough in the middle of the night in a home with laundry, baths, clean underwear, pajamas and sheets readily at hand. It is great for you to reflect on it in such a way even though I am sure you were frustrated in the midst of it all. This is all new living and learning – no matter where we are in the adventure.

    November 3, 2013 at 8:44 am

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