Living simply in the wild

Never Land

Remember when life was simpler? Fairies were hiding under trees, Trolls lived under bridges, moms kisses could make any wound heal, trees seemed taller, days were longer, the wind blew sweeter. The smell of fresh cut grass takes you back to those sweet memories of summers spent outdoors. Memories of mom letting you lick the beaters from the big bowl of cookie dough. Too often we get so wrapped up with day to day grind that we miss these moments we could still be having, even as adults.

Like having jelly smeared from ear to ear from your PB&J that was cut in a perfect triangle…or…

Sloppy puppy dog kisses

IMGP1163 copy

The shock of jumping into an ice cold pool


The fear and joy of learning to ride a bike for the first time


Going down the same slide countless times, and each time being just as fun as the first

IMGP1294 copy





Ability to morph into Luke Skywalker when opportunity presents itself

IMGP2243 copy

The wind hitting your face as you speed down a hill for the first time on 2 wheels


Seeing life one day at a time


Endless Energy


Laughing till your sides ached


Chucking a snowball into the air with the cold sting lingering on your hand

Dirty hands didn’t matter


Dad had superpowers


And a little body paint could turn you into the fiercest warrior

IMGP2783 copy

We all tried to grow up so quickly and we look back and wish we had stayed kids longer. But who is to tell us that we can’t be little kids again. Grab your swords or your TuTu, throw on some body paint or a tiara and slip back into the carelessness of being a child…even if it’s just for a minute. I promise i won’t tell.





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