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Dreamers Plateau: Are you where you want to be?

Two hikers ascend upon the crest of the mountain after days of sweltering heat, grueling obstacles, and sleepless nights. They’ve finally reached the summit. One man looks out and sees everything below him, he sees the trail he took to get to the top and takes a deep breath of satisfaction.

dreamer, mt baker

The feeling of freedom fills his chest and he is where he set out to be. The other man stands on the rocks feeling the air hit his face, the mountains breath through his hair. He closes his eyes and enjoys the feeling of this accomplishment. He slowly opens his eyes to take in this magnificent view and is filled with awe. Only those who have climbed this mountain know the feeling I speak of. He takes a long time to enjoy this moment. He slowly turns around and peers up. Above him stands yet another peak and he is drawn to it. He throws on his pack once more and starts heading up.

dreamer, mount baker

In life we will all hit these plateaus. These areas where life has become just that; life. We are living day by day, making the most of everything, and life just glides on by. Little hurdles arise day by day but nothing that pushes us off of our mountain. Many of us our content on this stage we have climbed to. The ones who aren’t: Dreamers.

I’ve realized that I am the one always looking for the next mountain to climb. I’m the dreamer. My soul always yearns for more and I feel most alive when I’m dreaming of the next adventure. Whether its planning a day hiking trip, a weekend camping escape, or something bigger.

dreamer, sequim

I was feeling very guilty for a while about hitting this ‘low’. I mean after all we’ve only been living this new life for 7 months. It’s still new. I should still be captivated with living this dream that we set out for and made happen. But there comes a time where the “Look where we are!” “Can you believe we actually did this!” starts to become everyday life. The mountains are sewn into your view, the lake is secured at your feet. This dream that you dreamt is now your reality and you’re living it everyday. And it’s pretty awesome.

I’ve been connecting with other families out there who are doing amazing things. Jennifer from (one of my favorite families) is one of them and she told me something that washed away the guilt in one swift paragraph.

“Six months into nomadism you do hit an “I want more” moment, when your dream becomes your day to day. I know about that. It’s like you climb outside of the box, stand on the rim, spend a few months learning to balance, and realize that you’re only on one plateau and there’s another one just beyond the horizon. Keep climbing.”

dreamer, sequim

So that is what we intend on doing. We love our Park Ranger life, we really do. We aren’t planning on changing that. There are those of us out there who have spirits that never sleep, who constantly dream, who push themselves out of their comfort zones…who want more. And a lot of us don’t stop until we get what we are seeking. Stubborn? Absolutely. But I’ve always been pretty stubborn, I’m sure my mom (and Ranger) would attest to that.


So Ranger and I have spent the last month planning and plotting and soul digging about what we are going to do when his time is up for this season.

We are getting things narrowed down, plans are being drawn, and we are busting our behinds to make our continuous dreaming a reality. It’s not easy. It’s not always rainbows and gumdrops. But when every fiber in your being is telling you to do something…you can’t ignore it. Well, you can, but it will keep nagging at you and honestly I find that utterly annoying. So I’ve just learned to give into it sooner rather then later and save myself the annoyance. I recommend the same.

dreamer, double rainbow

As soon as we have a few more details worked out we will let you know! Right now we have our intentions set and we are conspiring with the universe to allow this next step to happen.

In the mean time…be a dreamer with me. Think about what tugs at your soul. What is out there in this life that is calling you? What does your soul dream of? It’s the thing that keeps coming back to you year after year that you push away and say “No, not right now. I can’t possibly…”. Let me say that is the biggest lie you can tell yourself. Fulfilling a dream is never easy. It takes commitment, hard work, and many sacrifices. But to never try is a failure I’m not willing to live with…are you?

dreamer, sequim
















4 responses

  1. Mom

    And you two “WILL” make it happen that I know….. but ahhhhhh man your leaving me hanging like a great series I’ve watched on TV. What is the season premiere? I waited all day at work to come jump on the computer to find out what the announcement is going to be!???

    August 12, 2013 at 2:10 pm

  2. Excited to see you fulfill your dreams with the adventures that lie ahead! One of the main reasons we moved is so that I can fulfill my dream of going back to nursing school and eventually go into midwifery. I am excited, but also scared half to death…your right fulfilling our dreams is not easy. It is hard and takes a lot of commitment and it doesn’t always happen on the first try, but it is worth it in the end.

    August 20, 2013 at 6:58 am

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