Living simply in the wild

Caught with your pants down

The smell of smoked salmon was filling the air in our backyard. Ranger was outside manning his newest creation, his big Ugly Drum Smoker. This thing is such an eye sore, but don’t let looks fool you. It creates some of the best smokey meats we’ve had in a long time!

Inside i was whipping up some homemade chocolate chip cookies, because, well what else was i to do. Ranger had dinner under control.

As i was pulling out the last pan of hot cookies i heard Ranger start to speak in his Ranger voice. Trust me when i tell you this is different from his regular voice, his disciplining our kids voice, or his talking to friends and family voice. There was no mistaking that he wasn’t talking to one of the Juniors.

“Sir….Sir….excuse me sir. Yes you. Sir would you please go ahead and zip up your fly and head down the hill to that restroom facility. It’s actually illegal to pee out in the open inside of a State Park, and also you’re about to piss in, literally, in my backyard.”

With that the man hurriedly zipped up his fly, backed away from our fence and scuffled down the hill. No doubt taking the wonderful smell of smoked salmon with him.

peeing in a state park

*Stories are told as they are interpreted by the Rangers Wife

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  1. I’m still laughing!

    August 27, 2013 at 9:04 am

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