Living simply in the wild

Put him in a choke hold

Night patrols are never boring. They usually involve some illegal activity, noise levels, and a few other choice favorites.

It was a particularly noisy night from two groups down by the beach. Going around hushing them all night long isn’t something anyone particularly enjoys. The campers around them were also less than thrilled with the hooting and hollering that was going on late into the night.

Bouncing back and forth between the two groups telling them to keep it down and after a lot of “well their being just as loud as we are” arguments it was finally time to put a stop to it all. One last warning and then Ranger walked away.

Because Ranger is also part Ninja he overheard one of the group members state “Next time he comes back, let’s put him in a choke hold”.

As if appearing out of the smoke from the fire Ranger kindly asks, “I’m sorry, who wants to put me in a choke hold?”

Red faced and embarrassed it wasn’t hard to tell who the brave one was that said it. But no one answered, so Ranger said it again, this time directing it to the red-faced man.

Avoiding all eye-contact the red-faced man pointed to his friend across the way, “him…it was him”.

Ranger simply said, “At this point the way the night goes is entirely up to you, i’ll be around” and walked away leaving the man with his face buried deep into his hands.

choke hold


*stories told as they are interpreted by the Park Rangers wife

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