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Why we’re sending our kid to school

You guessed it, we’re sending our kid to school. Our little man heads off to kindergarten today for the first time.

sending our kid to school

Off to Public School he goes.

But I thought you were going to home school him?

Yes, so did i.

It has become clear that Jr. Ranger wants to be around more people…more kids.

But you live inside a park, there are kids everywhere!

Oh absolutely there are tons of kids! They play with other kids daily. They just never play with the same kids. Kids are always coming and going here. Jr will go out to the playground one day, make a friends, and be sad when his friend isn’t out the next day. That part is hard.

We sat down, had some long talks and ultimately let the decision be his.  He wants to goto school. He wants to get on the bus early, be gone all day, and come home on the bus at night. He wants to find friends learn from an actual teacher, and be in the classroom setting. It gives him a sense of responsibility and pride. We have given him the confidence to be able to choose which path he wants to take and we will honor that.

I am quite confident that he will love school and all that goes with it…(as long as no bullies pick on him). I know he will grow, mature, and learn many things this next year.

As far as ‘good’ reasons for sending him to school rather then keeping him home…we don’t really have any. Other then:

1. We love our son dearly

2. We will support him in all of his choices

3. It is ultimately his decision and he has the freedom to make this choice

Some kids absolutely flourish inside of four walls. The structure and the plans help them on their journey. Then some kids feel as if school is a prison for them. This will be something Jr will have to figure out. If he enjoys the structure of a class room and it is what he needs, we will lovenly give him that. I think this will be a learning experience for us all and i believe that life is all about learning, discovering, and adapting to your needs.

Now with all that said, he will only be going for the first Semester, as we are headed to Guatemala during most of the 2nd semester. So more or less this is a trial run and we will reevaluate once we get home and see how things have changed with him and see where he would like to go from there. We have no idea if this Vagabond is for us, if we will be doing it each year, or what we will discover while gone this winter. We have our minds and hearts open and will take everything as it comes.




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