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15 Facts that might make you think differently about us

After i posted over HERE about fear i got a number of responses. And first of all i would

A) Like to apologize for seeming so brave up until this point. We made a huge change in our life and may have portrayed it in a very romanticized way.



B) When writing these posts i write in the excitement phase, not the realistic, hard, and messy phase.

So please don’t be alarmed. We are human.

Often times the excitement of change dictates my tone of writing and i tend to get very excited for change. But behind that excitement is the harsh truth. The nerves, the knots in your stomach, the arguments, the stress.

There is also the matter of ‘putting it all out there’ online. Jennifer from wrote an amazing post explaining about reading the top water of peoples lives.

What you read here: top water. You get your feet wet in our life. You slide around on top of the funny bits on the outside of the barrier protecting the well-spring of our life, the deep part, the fishy part, the muddy part, the part there’s danger of drowning in.-Jennifer Miller via

So, yes, even though we have great adventures, funny stories, and we jumped the gun from the American Dream…we are still normal.  As normal as one can be.

15 facts

15 Facts that might surprise you

  1. My kids LOVE to play video games and watch youtube.
  2. Ranger and I must work extra hard to keep our marriage strong these days.
  3. We’re sending Jr. Ranger to public school.
  4. I’m awful at keeping up with friends and family through skype and phone calls.
  5. I feel guilty almost every day because of #4
  6. We sometimes eat frozen burritos late at night to curve our cravings for Taco Bell.
  7. Ranger and i sleep-in somedays while the boys pour their own bowls of cereal and play on their tablets.
  8. We  Amber stresses and argues about money.
  9. We have lazy days where we sit and read, play games, watch movies…ALL DAY. Literally all day.
  10. Our garden is completely overgrown with weeds. At this point i’m not sure i could find my way out if i ventured in.
  11. Road trips usually end with meltdowns either from the kids or the parents. Sometimes both.
  12. On long days we don’t feel like cooking. So we will pop in a frozen pizza, have a salad doused in ranch and call it ‘good’.
  13. We get frustrated with our children when they whine and argue.
  14. Amber gets extremely grouchy when tired.
  15. The daily grind of dishes, laundry, picking up toys, stepping on legos still exists and i still hate it.

So there’s your 15 facts that may have blown you away. 15 facts that prove we are just ‘us’.

We are in this life dealing with our own issues. Finding our stepping stones, finding our places, finding our groove. We are no exception to the rule.

To be perfectly honest, i’m not sure i’ll ever find where i’m ‘supposed to be’. I think the journey is the best part. It’s where you learn, where you grow and where you discover so much about yourself. I don’t think i want that part to end.

So yes, we are scared of our up and coming Vagabond to Guatemala. We are unsure of what our future holds. We are nervous about job security and places to live and if we have enough money. But we don’t let that stop us from living. We don’t let it dictate who we are or where we are going. Those are just simple life facts that we accept, deal with, and then try to move forward with.


I’m here to listen, here to talk. If you take the time to respond, i’ll respond back. Honest.



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