Living simply in the wild

The Top Summer memories: 2013

That’s right. Schools started so summer is officially OVER. Depressing right? Only if your not looking forward to the smell of fall, pumpkin patches, sweatshirts, hot apple cider, chili, and all the wonderful colors of FALL!!

We’ve had a full summer. Be it known that the very top spots goto the times when our family was here visiting. They top the chart! We’re very blessed to have such wonderful family that took their vacation time to spend it with us. We had a blast.


If you see Green words, click on them to read more about that moment! 

Top Moments from this Summer…

(in no particular order)

1. All the Wildlife we saw!

The Rangers got to try to push this adolescent cougar out of the Park one evening. Sorry about the less then perfect picture…i didn’t want to get too close and cuddly with something that weighed more then me and has claws that could shave my leg hairs. IMGP5121

The so-very-cool-but-super-noisy-screeching-keep-me-awake-everynight- Great Horned Owls.


We thoroughly enjoyed our hummingbird friends outside our windows all summer.


Chip here is our newest inhabitant that has taken up residence in the bird house made by the Boys Grandpa and Great Grandpa.


2. Hiking in Stehekin

Dehydration, close encounter with bears, and sleeping with no tent. That sure was an adventure.


3. Driving over the beautiful Diablo Lake

Although the impression of my mothers hand can still be seen inside of our truck from her gripping it so tightly.



4. Seagull Watching at Deception Pass

How how we LOVE Deception Pass.



5. Walking through a German Inspired town

Careful for the Nutcracker Museum. You’ll see every kind of nutcracker you could ever imagine…and you probably couldn’t afford half of them!


6. Lounging around playing cards all day

On the beach, in the back yard, or in the kitchen. It didn’t matter where, the losers were always poor sports.



7. Hiking up to a waterfall



8. Experiencing our first big fire…directly across the lake from us


9. Jace and his first swim lessons in the lake


10. Gingko Petrified Forest

Trees turned to stone? How much cooler can you get!?



11. Our camping trips

We sure Learned some pretty good tips from our not-always-glamorus camping trips.


12. Taking a drive and a hike up to Stormy Mountain

At 7,000 Feet this offered an incredible view and a great opportunity to film a video

IMGP4592 IMGP4595

13. Canoeing across the lake

Visiting the ‘Castle’

IMG_04471 IMGP2176

14. Ice cream on the beach

It’s not summer unless this happens


15. Watching a hang-glider take off from one of the worlds hang-gliding meccas.

IMGP4750 IMGP4755

18. Seeing a herd of kayakers snake their way through the boulders and timber


20. Throwing some hitchhikers in the bed of our pickup and saving them an all day hike back to their car


21.  Jace learning to ride a 2-wheeler for the time

Down a mountain of course.


22. Celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary in the forestIMGP3262

21.  Building Kasen his first Chopper




Of course in between these moments we had lazy days, hard times, and even more memories that may unfold as time goes by. Stories we’ve committed to memory to tell later and other stories we’ve already forgotten.

What did YOU do this summer?


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