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The One Week Vacation, & why you might need a vacation directly afterwards

So you have a one week vacation. That is one week of not having to wake up early. Not having to punch in at work. one week of glorious vacation time with not a care in the world!

So you pack your bags and set off for your awesome, relaxing, don’t have to work, you officially have one week of doing nothing!!

one week vacation

Day 1:

You wake up at the same time you do every single day. Why? Because your body hates you and it has its own routine and it doesn’t care if your on vacation or not. You eat a nice meal and take a nice sigh of relief because. YOU’RE ON VACATION! You spend the day in great spirits because you’re not at work and won’t be for one whole week! Let’s celebrate!

Day 2:

You slept in a half hour later then usual. Probably because you didn’t go to be till after 3am because you were too busy living it up due to your not having to be at work in the morning attitude. You lick your wounds and get a slow start to your day. Due to your slow start your on edge because you had plans you wanted to do this morning and now your days is going to feel rushed.

Day 3:

You woke up on schedule because you went to bed at a decent time due to the night before and exhausted from the exploring you did yesterday. It’s off to another adventure today, you’re starting to wonder if you’ll be able to do everything you wanted to on vacation because you realize it is almost half over already.

Day 4:

Wake up early. You have places to be, things to do, sites to see! Get moving! GO GO GO!

Day 5:

Wake up exhausted and sore from yesterdays jammed packed adventures and mad because you only have 3 days left. Where did the time go? The kids are getting tired of being dragged around and being posed for pictures but seriously…there are still things you want to do and see before vacation is over! The fighting and bickering from everyone being together 24/7 is making you want to bury everyone in the sand…face first.


Day 6:

You want to just stay in bed all day because tomorrow will be the last day. You realize that your 7 days of vacation, relaxation, not a care in the world was actually jammed packed full of awesome things to do but you’re pooped. So you take things a little slower today and spend the day shopping. You can’t leave without finding the perfect souvenirs!

Day 7:

You’d love to spend the day doing nothing. Beach, massage, sleeping. Instead you have to pack. Your ready to be home. Your tired of running around nonstop and just want to go home, be in your own bed, and relax. Wait…isn’t that what you went on a vacation for? So while packing up your suitcases you realize that you may need another vacation after this vacation just to recoup. No rest for the wicked, there’s laundry and grocery shopping to do once you get home.


I know so many people who have felt this way. Hell, i’ve gone on vacations where i said the same exact thing on the last day. We try to cram everything we want to do into these short little vacations and we end up exhausted, crabby, ready to be home, and essentially needing time to recover. We end up rushing through our days off because we’re so worried about missing out on things that we are really missing everything. We go through it all so fast and furious that we don’t really get to enjoy much of it.

Now i’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but wouldn’t you prefer to thoroughly enjoy vacations? Leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated? Being able to take something away with you rather then just leave with a souvenir that is just going to collect dust? Next time you plan an awesome-do it all-see it all vacation maybe try to do and see a few less things. You may enjoy it more!



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