Living simply in the wild

Tree House from a cardboard box

Welcome to October!

Here we go again…turning more trash into toys. Just like our fun toilet paper roll action figures, and our tea bag rocketships.

So here’s another one if you’re feeling more ambitious.

Cardboard boxes transform into an awesome Tree House!

Idea also came from This site is GREAT!

It may not be the prettiest Playhouse-Treehouse you’ve ever seen but grab some boxes and duct tape and VIOLIA!


Complete with paper towel slides for those quick escapes…

tree house

A ladder to the roof top to look out for bad guys coming…

cardboard playhouse

Doors and windows for Superman to peer through…


And even an elevator for the wicked Villains to plan their sneak attack with…



It’s not a tough build but it’s a little time consuming and tricky trying to get everything where you want it. Just use some sharp scissors or a box cutter and plenty of tape!





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