Living simply in the wild

25 Simple things you need to do outdoors

Here is a list of 25 Simple things to do outdoors to enjoy nature…and actually, just to enjoy life.

1. Lay in the grass with the sun hitting your face.

things to do outdoors











2. Watch a sunrise once a month. Sunsets are great…but something amazing happens when you watch the sunrise.


3. Pick Fruit and eat it, right then and there.602432_10100102199818042_1029651342_n











4. Go outside late. Real late and look at the Stars.


5. Dig into the earth. Literally. Dig in the garden or plant flowers with your hands. You can clean under your nails later.

6. Dig your toes into the sand.

7. Listen to the sounds. The birds, wind, water, the squirrels,  chipmunks, the wind in the trees.



8. Collect nature. Rocks, sticks, leaves. It’s all beautiful. IMGP0495


9. Identify a tree, a flower, or a plant.IMGP2717


10. Hike. Somewhere up. An overlook way above.



11. Go for a walk…when it’s raining. WITHOUT an umbrella. IMGP0537


12. Go for a Bike ride, down a steep hill. IMGP2683


13. Take some paints outdoors and create something beautiful.IMGP4132


14. Camp. Except forget the tent. Just you under the stars. IMGP2630


15. Walk barefoot in a creek or stream.



16. Find shapes in the clouds.



17. Find the biggest tree you can and lay under it looking up.


18. Find and touch as many different textures as you can.



19. Follow a bug to see where it goes.



20. Throw pebbles in a lake and watch the ripples.

IMGP0425 copy


21. Look for and identify animal tracks.

22. Make a shelter with branches and leaves.

23. Watch the sunset in silence.IMGP3986


24. Eat outside. Cook over an open fire. Enjoying what came from the earth.



25. Go outside and breath. IMGP3090








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