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The most popular activity in Lake Chelan, or is it…

There is one activity around the lake that people near and far come to do. The warm weather, the crystal clear water, and the mountains in the background make this activity the perfect spot. Although there are a few catches for this one activity…it is best done late at night, and it is also slightly illegal. This could be theĀ most popular activity in Lake Chelan, no specific poll on this has been taken. But Ranger caught countless participants this summer partaking in this sport and we know there are many that got away with it as well.

Ranger was making one last loop around the park before he retired for the night. The moon was high in the sky, campfires were dying down, and the nightly predators were waking for their hunt.

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Strolling past the playground in the dark Ranger saw two shadows disappear down the steps towards the beach. Beers in hand they quietly tip toed into the dark.

Now there are only a few activities that could possibly take place in this type of scene. So Ranger heads over to see what these two night owls are plotting. Being that it was so dark out Ranger could only hear what was unfolding from his stake-out point.

A females voice giggles, “No one is here, Let’s do it”

At this point Ranger knows what’s about to unfold here so he starts walking down the stairs. The only sound he hears is the sound of a few pieces of clothing hitting the sand below and a few splashes in the water.

Once down on the beach Ranger shines his light towards them and informs them that this area is closed at night.

Frozen in fear the two profusely apologize and tell Ranger that they will get out of the water right away.

Except they don’t move. They just stood there, hiding under a layer of water.

After a few minutes of waiting for them to get out of the water Ranger asks, “You guys aren’t skinny dipping are you?”

“uh….no….nu-uh…..nope” floats through the air.

Shining his flash light around the beach he slowly lights up an empty beer bottle next to his foot with a bikini top strung around it. Not too far from that was a pair of shorts…a shirt…bikini bottoms and a few pairs of flip-flops strung out making a bee line straight for the shore.

“I beg to differ” Ranger says.

With that Ranger walked away and let the two bare bathers get dressed. Once they were decent he went over to educate them that disrobing inside of a State Park is illegal and he sent them away with a warning. The girl, very apologetic and embarrassed put her hand out to shake Rangers hand.

Ranger responding, “No, no. We don’t need to shake at this point. Just make sure you follow the laws.”

With that the couple skurried off to their campsite and Ranger turned to head home. As Ranger turned to walk away a man in a dark hoodie rushed past Ranger almost knocking him over… but that’s another story.

popular activity in lake chelan

So you tell me, is skinny dipping the most popular activity in Lake Chelan?


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