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The New Park Store: DIY Kids Grocery Stand

It’s a funny thing, really. How much kids enjoy doing adult activities and how much us adults despise doing those same duties.

My children complain about picking up their toys, but willfully help fold clothes and ask to ‘help with mom chores’. So naturally i totally take advantage this by letting them match socks, wipe down cupboards, run the vacuum and any other tasks they wish to help with!

This also gave me a great idea for a new toy!

Now, i’m not a very handy with power tools, i never take enough time to build anything sturdy enough to last. I just don’t have the patience or the attention span to do a project that takes more then an hour. So i just use what i have laying around the house, make it work, and the boys imaginations have to fill in the details that i miss.

Now Open for Business: DIY Kids Grocery Stand

The Park World Market


Here you will find everything from Eggs to Phú Quốc

diy kids grocery stand

The cute little employees gladly accept Checks, credit cards, and cash. They are even known to give you cash back just for shopping with them! My kinda store.

diy kids grocery standAll we needed was the top to an old desk, turned upside down. An old sheet for the awning, and some recyclables. We don’t have a working register, but we do have a craft organizer case that works very well. A crayon drawn scanner that you can make beep with a custom sound you make all yourself.

diy kids grocery store diy grocery stand

The staff is my favorite! You won’t get this type of service anywhere.


kids grocery stand

If you’re lucky, you’ll even stop by when they are giving out free samples of freshly pressed apple cider.

grocery stand


Of course if you google ‘DIY Kids Grocery Stand’ there are some absolutely adorable ones out there that people have made. They really go all out. But this goes to show that children are so very capable of using their imaginations and even a simple DIY can become hours of entertainment. And as much as part of me would like to give them such adorable toys to play with, i am in love with the fact that they are just as content with moms crappy DIY project.

What do you have laying around your house that you can turn into a new play toy for your children? An old wardrobe turned into a dress-up closet? An entertainment stand made into a play kitchen? Or a desk top turned into a kids Grocery Stand. With A little imagination and some modifications you can do anything!


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