Living simply in the wild

Choose a Direction. Or Don’t.

As we sit here on the border of another crossroads we are torn.


At any given time we have multiple paths to choose from. You do too, you just may not be aware of them.

Our roads wind and weave in and out of each other, crossing, and coming to yields. We rarely reach stop signs and if we do we normally just coast on through, scanning around to see which way is the most appealing to us.

The Cross Roads

All roads around here seem to be very inviting.

One road lined with giant trees that are burning red and orange in the changing seasons.


Another road winds along the coast with the ocean roaring at our side.

Then there’s the one leading down a very distant, unfamiliar yet exciting path.

IMGP1886 copy

It’s hard to choose.

How do you choose?

Map, point

To tell you the truth, we hardly ever choose which road we travel down. We just jump in the car, start driving, and see which way we are pulled to travel.


I love our roads that are laid ahead of us. I love having so many directions and i love not choosing a direction! I love that they are full of potential and adventure. However, i do not love not knowing which one we will be on in a month. I am a navigator, i use MapQuest to get to the grocery store. There is a sense of security seeing that blue line on the map that draws me going from point A to point B. But i love knowing there are different routes to get there. Roads we can merge onto when we tire of the one we are on. It keeps us going. It keeps us alive. As long as we are moving forward.

So here we sit, at another crossroads, waiting. Waiting for the light to turn green so we can decide to go left, right, or straight. Traffic signals seem so long when you’re in a hurry.

stop light

We should follow our own advice and enjoy the journey. That’s what we preach right? Have you ever tried to follow your own advice? It’s hard. Sometimes really hard.

“We will enjoy the journey when we know which road we’re on”- That’s what we are tricked into believing.


We are made to move, made to keep searching. But the waiting, waiting for confirmation is our torture. We are always so excited to get to the next destination. Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the journey getting there, we’re just so anxious to BE there.

So sitting here we’re reminded to stop, look around, and enjoy the sites that pass us by as we sit here waiting. Waiting for our turn to go. Waiting to see what is next. In fact we may even discover another road to turn onto while we are waiting in line for our turn to go.


If you’re at a crossroads let’s connect!  Not choosing Waiting is much more enjoyable when you have company. So please leave us a comment or an email and tell us about your roads!




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