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Around the World in 80 Ways Book Review

Anyone that is thinking about traveling with kids or even a well seasoned traveler would enjoy having this book tucked away in their bag. Be it train, plane, car, or walking traveling you should grab this book. ESPECIALLY if you have children in tow.

Around the World in 80 Ways By is a great tool to keep in your back pocket It can be used in long car rides to round the world traveling.

around the world in 80 ways

Around the world in 80 Ways offers some great alternative to road trip games. I myself can only handle playing so many games of I Spy before i want to blindfold the kids so they can’t spy anything else.


One reason i really like this book is because these aren’t just silly traveling games. A lot of ideas they give you are actually ideas that dig deeper and get your children thinking. It opens up discussions that nourish your appreciation for our planet. It can create a mindfulness about other cultures through the use of games and imagination.

I appreciated how the book is laid out. Simple to read, short description of activities. It is perfect to pull out when your on that last leg of your travel day, the kids are getting restless, and your out of ideas to keep them at bay. This is a great book to pull out at that moment right before melt downs occur, just flip open to any page and do what it says. And if all else fails the cute pictures make for the perfect coloring pages!

Pick up your copy Today through amazon or!

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