Living simply in the wild

It’s Closing Time

Ranger is busy putting the park to bed for the winter. The rains and snow will be coming shortly so they are smearing protective coats on all of the wood signs and benches to preserve it through the wet weather. Water is being turned off, pipes winterized, they are repainting, resurfacing, cleaning up and closing things down.

closing time

Campers have come and gone more slowly these days. Only 3-4 Rvs have pulled in at a time to stay the night as opposed to the caravans of RVs that would swarm in and out during the summer. Tent campers have been nonexistent for  weeks now. The lawns used to be dotted in an array of colorful tents lining the Parks grass, now it’s gorgeous open spaces. The loud noises of children laughing and playing, the smell of campfires and grilling have all disappeared. It’s peaceful here again.

The animals are coming out to play on lawns where massive frisbee games used to be played. The birds and squirrels are using all their resources to gather food these days as their camping hosts who they used to scavage off of our now gone.


The leaves are changing into the most brilliant colors and are starting to fall from the trees with grace. The air is cool and crisp and will turn your nose a faint shade of pink while outside.


The lake is receding to it’s lower level and exposing the rocks and sand underneath that so many vacationers waded in over the summer. New species of birds and ducks are landing on her waves as their journey brings them through the Chelan Valley once again.


Our wood oven roars each morning and each night filling our cozy cottage with warmth and nostalgia. Trouper curls up by the fire when it’s extra chilly and the boys grab their oatmeal each morning and warm their backsides while filling their tummies.

Jr. rushes off in the crisp mornings each day to catch the bus for school as the sun is just starting to rise above the hills. He spends his days being Mr. Social and considers it a successful day if he made someone laugh. His little mind is grasping how to read and spell, his math skills are expanding and always comes home with half finished worksheets because he’d much rather watch whats going on around him then work on his own homework.

Kman spends the day in his own little fantasy world. He changes from Superman to Green Arrow to being the boss of his own lego world in the blink of an eye. He can spend the whole day with 5 lego pieces sending them on incredible journeys, or helping Ranger around the park.


Walks are a daily occurence. Whether it’s down to the water to see if it has dropped any more, or around the trail to go gather some Nettles for tea or fallen walnuts. Sometimes it’s a bike ride to breath in the air just a little more quicker then walking.

Mushroom spotting it easy now that things are becoming more damp. The shapes and sizes and colors are quite amazing.


Ranger spends his days off work relaxing or plotting some other project he wants to create. He fiddles on his guitar while the boys ask him 101 questions.


The park is now officially closed. It will sleep well over the winter months and wake refreshed for another summer when the tens of thousands flock to its shores. Our first season living this new life is coming to close, but our story is just beginning.










One response

  1. Melissa

    I wish I could come enjoy the beauty ahh looks just amazing!

    November 4, 2013 at 7:45 am

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