Living simply in the wild

Falling more and more in love

It’s been over 9 months since we’ve started this whole life changing journey. Some days we live on top of the world appreciated all the beauty around us.  In awe of the landscape that unfolds before us. Some days the uncertainty of this field knocks us down a few notches and our spirits sink some.


But one thing we know for sure is that we keep falling in love with this life over and over again, each and every time we fall out of it.


Fall is such an amazing and spirit-boosting time of year. This time of year is comforting and nourishing to our bodies and souls.

Fall is the time to prepare for winter. We’ve spent months go go going. Swimming, hiking, vacationing. We’ve been so busy and fall is a time to slow down. Enjoy the change and prepare us for winters rest.


The harvest brings in bountiful crops that feed our bodies.


Everywhere you drive around here you’ll see apple bins over flowing with the most lush apples. Some types i’ve never heard of before. Winesap, Empire, Stayman, Winter Banana, Idared, Cortland, Ambrosia, Reubens, SweeTango.

alt text

Photo by Kevin Harbor

The pears are ripening for the picking as well. Farm stand along the road are busting at the seams offering fresh pressed cider. Wonderful raw honey, pumpkins, apples, fresh organic veggies. 

The changing colors of this area take our breath away.


Photo by Andy Simonds

Around every corner is another tree burning red and orange or yellow.


photo by fred sharpies

As fall folds into Winter, the frost paints the blades of grass with its frosty breath. It’s time now to rest our bodies and souls so at springs first bloom we will be alive awake.

Photo by Linda Garcia

Photo by Linda Garcia


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