Living simply in the wild

32 Things This Ranger Family is Thankful for

We are spending the holidays away from our families this year and In the Spirit of giving thanks we all decided we should list some things we are Thankful for…

Ranger is thankful for…

  •  My Health
  • My Job
  • My Family
  • My Electronics (As he peers up over the laptop, feet propped up by the fire)

Rangers Wife is thankful for…

  • Ranger. Enough said.
  • Loving & Supportive people we have and are continuing to meet along the way
  • Quietness
  • Being Present
  • All our wonderful readers and supporters…yup, i just gave you a shout-out. Feel special!

Junior is thankful for…

  • My family
  • Food
  • You guys (pointing to Ranger and I of course)
  • My dog
  • Food
  • The Park
  • Furniture
  • My table at school and my friends
  • The bed I sleep in
  • Beer. (no we don’t give him any, yet)
  • Food (Looks like i know who is going to eat us out of house and home in his teenage years)

Kman is thankful for…

  • MMmmm. I dunno.
  • Uhh… my toys
  • Spraying my hair (We have him use a spray bottle on his hair everyday. Hey, it’s the little things)
  • Trouper
  • Phones
  • Food
  • Daddy
  • The Park
  • Poop and toots. (Hey don’t judge, we all need to be thankful for something)

Trouper is thankful for…

  • Under the chin scratches
  • Belly rubs
  • Big bones to chew
  • Trails to run on


So take today…all of today. Not just until you run off to the Black Friday sales.


Love those that a near and far. And eat…LOTS!
Be thankful


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