Living simply in the wild

The Vagabond How-To series: Prep & Landing

So the To-do list had been never ending but with much dedication and perseverance we’ve whittled away at it and it’s really getting down to the nitty gritty.

If you’ve been wondering what all we’ve had to do to plan this long term trip, here is it.

To Do List for Long Term Travel

To Do

  • Apply for the boys passports easily done at our local Postoffice
  • Check current health insurance to see if we’re covered: the answers NO
  • Call bank to put out a travel alert
  • Check current travel Alerts for the country you’re going to here
  • Drop car insurance as low as possible while stored
  • Put internet & cell phones on hold
  • Find a dog sitter
  • Find a ride to the airport we have wonderful friends!
  • Find a place to store both cars Amazing friends!
  • Figure out cell phone while in Guatemala Most places you can buy a pay as you go fairly cheap
  • Find best place to exchange money currencies
  • Find moving boxes
  • Pack our house and store everything
  • Download new movies for the boys Nooks
  • Donate items we’re getting rid of
  • Pack
  • Vaccinations: we caught up on our Tetanus, Hep A & B, & MMR
  • Hold mail
  • Find sponsors  optional, but we’ve had wonderful people donate some amazing products for our trip. Check the links on the right side of the page and be on the look out for product reviews throughout our trip!
  • Book hotel for last night in the States
  • Book accommodation & airport transfer for 1st night in Guatemala we found a great local place that gave us a great discount, complete with airport pick up, dinner, and breakfast in the morning GuateFriends Bed & Breakfast
  • Make copies of all important documents: passports, birth certificates, marriage license, driver license, bank cards
  • Find school books for the boys

To Buy

Things to Research

  • Food & water Always need to know what is safe to eat and drink
  • Safety concerns has plenty of information
  • Culture You should be aware of the types of people you will encounter and be aware of different culture traditions, dress, and customs.
  • Language buying a phrase book wouldn’t be a bad idea


I’m currently compiling a complete packing list. I am so good at over packing! I’ll be packing everything we need this week and will be spending the last few days trying to figure out how to cut our packing list in half. The main constant advice from travelers is pack half as much as you think you’ll need. I’m awesome at packing twice as much as we need. This week should be interesting.


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