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How to make a Driftwood Advent Calendar

If you follow us on instagram you saw a sneak peak of our advent calendar.

We spent a few hours outside the other day walking the shoreline, and following a blood trail of an injured animal, i’ll get to that.


There is a secret piece of land not many people know about around here. Mostly locals know about it, so you have to be on the inside to know about it. If you think i’m going to give up the location, keep dreaming 🙂 We have to become good friends before you get it out of me. It’s a gem hidden from the tourist in the summer months, so i can’t be blabbing my mouth about everything.

So we walked along collecting flat pieces of driftwood in varying sizes. Well, actually i collected the drift wood. The boys found pools of blood and immediately, like wolves on the scent of a trail, started following it.


I watched them follow the trail, lose the trail, find it again, go in circles, and sniff out the blood again. In the end Ranger thinks it could have been a poacher, but we never found the wounded animal. We left with a bag full of driftwood and that was all, which is fine by me.

Ok, onto the instructional…

Step One

Put your driftwood pieces in size order. This just makes your life easier.


Measure out varying sizes. I started with 11 inch pieces. Sometimes there were two the same size, then i started going down in size to 10in, 9in, 8in etc…

Step Two

Drill holes in the center of each piece



Step Three

Put on a dowel from largest to smallest



Step Four

Drill a hole in another piece of wood for the base and put the dowel in. We used some type of hotdog roasting stick and it worked wonderfully as our dowel.


Step Five-Making the coins

Find a round limb, depending on how big you want your coins is how big around you want the stick

Step Six

Slice into 1/4in pieces, then drill a hole into each one


Step Seven

String twine through the hole and write numbers on each coin


There you have it. That is how to make a driftwood advent calendar. It was easy, and the total cost was $0. Everything we used we already had. That is our christmas theme this  year…natural and ‘almost’ free christmas decorations.


What creative decorations are you using this year?











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