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How to make different sized Birch Wood Candles

Ranger is my hero, for many reasons. One of those reasons is because after 7 years together he’s finally picking up on those subtle clues wives leave their husbands.



“Oh no, the trash is overflowing” means “Please take the garbage out, i’m too pretty to do it”

“How does this look?” means “Don’t say anything else looks better because i already know this one is the best”

“I have a mountain of dishes to do” means “Could you please help with the dishes”

“Do you want to start a fire?” means “I’m freezing, please please get a fire a going”

In our case the other day when we were out Hunting for our Christmas tree. We were driving the base one of the hills there were thousands of very tall skinny white barked trees. They looked like white birch, but i’m no tree expert.

I told Ranger they were gorgeous and i could totally make something out of one of those. The next thing i knew we were flying to a halt. Ranger spotted a down tree and out he flew with his pocket saw in hand.


It’s the simple things.

So here’s another saying…

“I could totally make something out of those” means “I need you to use your power tools to make something”

On the Winter Solstice Ranger took the branches he cut into the shop and came back with them beautifully finished. So i’ll just give you some instructions.

How to Make Birch Wood Candles


Step One: Find two or three different size diameter pieces of Birch. Ours are 4.5in and 4in. Not a huge different, but you work with what you have right?

Step Two: Cut wood into different sized heights. We have a 12in, 8in, 7in, and 5.5in. Cut as many as you’d like.

Step Three: Drill a hole in the middle the size of a tea light candle.

Step Four: Light and Enjoy!


What a great decoration for this time of year…News Years, Christmas, The Winter Solstice, or Make enough for a Menorah for Hanukah!



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