Living simply in the wild

Avoid S.A.D. with a Warm home, Warm hearts and plenty of Beer

Seeing the sun fade away so early in the evening can be depressing. It’s dark more hours in the day then it is light. No wonder people in the northern hemisphere are stricken with S.A.D…

Seasonal Affective Disorder.

winter is behind us

Photo Credit: Alice

But this time of year isn’t supposed to be sad. It is a time of rest, a time of rejuvenation, and a time of fellowship.

A warm cottage up a twisted mountain road. Lights twinkling from the tiny tall windows as we pull into the driveway. Stepping out of the car the cool air nips at our pink noses and finger tips, a reminder that winter is upon us.

Photo Credit: DaMongMan

The front door just off of the wrap-around porch opens wide with smiles and greetings of hello. Smells of a plump roast basting in its own juices, fresh baked cornbread, and diced sweet potatoes fills the senses and immediately mouths start to salivate.

Coats and boots are quickly thrown into a pile, exchanges of excited “How are you?” greetings. Not more then a moment passes before the smooth, dark brew is poured from the spout of a growlier into mason jars and the wine flows from the bottles.

Growlers craft beer & ales

Photo Credit: TheDigitel Beaufort

The kids rush off hand in hand to the toy filled rooms in a hurry. As if they already have some secret mission planned that clearly the adults wouldn’t understand. The littlest ones falling behind despite their half-size legs running as fast as they can.

Wives in the kitchen hurdled over a steaming roast, prepping the meal. Talking children and life. Husbands on the couch sipping their perfectly foamed beer talking Ranger life and winter plans.

Photo credit: Sally Crossthwaite

Gathered around the tiny kitchen table we all bump elbows as we savor bite after bite. A toast to friends and happiness, love and light. The little cavemen grab fistfuls of roast and shove it in their mouths with fits of joy. Talks of yesterdays Solstice and the Gnomes who left gifts in the children’s boots filled the air with celebration and excitement.

The children once again rush off to their secret lair where mystery and imagination encompasses their growing minds. Adult conversation deepens to health, childhoods and past memories over sips of hot tea and warming beer.

A gooey brownie sprinkled with crushed candycane slowly melts away in the oven while conversation drifts into the night air.

Glimpses of children running around decorated in superman capes, princess crowns, magic wands, ninja masks and super powers continue their eternal search for giggles, dragons and adventure.

Beautiful Adventure

Photo Credit: Jonathan Robison

As the clock on the wall turns later and later the growler and bottles run dry. We say our goodbyes with kisses and hugs. Plans of heading to the mountains to sled are in place, just as soon as more snow falls to the earth.
Chelan in February

Photo Credit: Pictoscribe

Driving home in the dark, seeing christmas lights sprinkled over the hills reminding us of the season. This is what this time of year is about. Warm homes, nourishing food, open hearts, satisfying conversation and an empty jug of ale.
Love and Light

Photo Credit: Georgianna

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