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Twas The Night Before Christmas…and We Are Alone

Twas The Night Before Christmas…

It’s Christmas Eve and the Juniors are tucked away in bed. The plate full of cookies with a glass full of Hot Cocoa, made from scratch, with two marshmallows, made from scratch,  soaking up the rich chocolate. Don’t fret, recipes coming soon. Two carrots sit beside the way too sweet sugar cookies we made. Not to balance out the sweetness, but because reindeer apparently eat healthier than the Old Man.

Twas The Night Before Christmas

The stockings are hung by the fire with great care of course with thumb tacks. I have my fingers crossed that the apple in the bottom of the boot doesn’t pull the whole thing off of its peg.


Park Cat is curled at my toes while the fire crackles and pops.

Park Cat is distracting

Park Cat is distracting

Coffee is ground and is set on an early timer. I have spent way to many early Christmas mornings fumbling around half dead and cursing the filters trying to get the coffee going. This year I’ve out smarted things. If all goes according to plan we shall have hot coffee the second the Juniors drag us by our ears out of bed.

I would like to say that the over-night cinnamon rolls are setting beautifully in the fridge. I went to the store and bought all the ingredients and had the best intentions, i promise. But after a long day of being gone today, heating up leftovers, and making the best Hot Cocoa I’ve ever made, i took one look at the recipe and folded. Call it foresight, or maybe i really am out smarting myself, i have a tube of Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls waiting in the fridge ready to be popped open and baked. No kneading, no mixing. I’m marking this down as a win.

Creatures are still stirring in our house, i wont tell you which variety. Mostly because i don’t want to think about it. But it gives a nice time of reflection.

We are alone this Christmas for the first time.


We are missing our family. The Chili and Oyster stew we would have feasted on tonight. The over abundance of Alcoholic gifts unwrapped during the annual gift exchange at the Lodge. The traditional Farm Christmas where it’s always tradition but always a little bit different.

We have missed all of it for the first time. And tonight it hits hard.

But being alone doesn’t have to be a negative thing. It is a chance to reflect on what you have. It is a chance to be yourself. It is a chance to see who you are beyond the tinsel and bows.


It is a quiet time. It is a somber and revealing time. For you get to look inside and realize that when all the lights and crowds are stripped away you’ll see what you are left with. Do you like what is left? Do you have some things that need to be sifted through? Sifting is easy when you are lonely.

Everyone trying to be positive tells us “oh that’s so great, this way you’ll be able to set your own traditions”. Want to know some truth about us? We are awful at traditions. I think our only tradition is that our traditions change each year. Some will be added, some will fade away. I get bored. I forget. And it’s all the same to Ranger.



So whether or not you are spending this years holidays surrounded by everyone you know and love, and some you may not know or even love that much. Or whether you are spending it alone. Be happy, be content. You truly are never alone. Fully enjoy the moments, both the happy and the sad. For the moments are what make up this life, and if you are not enjoying them then life is simply passing by without you.

So i say to you all…Goodnight. Go dream of Sugar Plums & Fairies. I’ll be dreaming of the little critters I hear dancing around my home.





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