Living simply in the wild

Wake Up Wednesday: Pay It Forward

Yesterday we were perusing the aisles of a bookstore killing time before our 3:00 movie started.

The boys were tucked into a corner laying on their bellies sifting through all the Lego books they could get their hands on.


A lady slowly walked by. Then she walked by again. And then once more. I thought the boys might be bothering her since they were taking full advantage of floor space. So i tucked them a little closer to me.

A few minutes later she knelt beside the boys.

She handed them each an envelope.

Then made them promise one thing, “You each find something special for the other”.

She had handed each one of them a booklet with 25 one dollar bills in it. She said she had been holding onto these for days waiting for the right kids to hand them to.

We have been talking about it ever since. I have been telling the boys about “Paying it forward”. About giving and not expecting anything in return. I don’t think they’ve grasped it yet, but hopefully they will before this money burns a hole in their pockets.

So Wake Up today…

and do something nice for someone. Or tomorrow when you are out returning the gifts that were bought for you. The crowds, the traffic, the exhausted retail workers. Think of  something you can do for them. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone and at the very least flash everyone a smile. Maybe let someone in front of you in line. Leave a gift card in the hands of someone who may need it more then you. Offer to buy a Latte for the over worked employee. Pay it Forward.



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