Living simply in the wild

Top 13 of 2013

What a crazy wild year 2013 has been.

Ranger became a Ranger and we moved from the midwest to the Pacific Northwest to start this incredible adventure.

So let’s close out this year with the Top 13 of 2013

Here they are, the top 13 posts most read over the past year.

Click the links if you missed one!

13. Nature Calls and it doesn’t care Where You Are.

Ever had a ‘less then ideal’ camping trip? We’ve had our fill!

12. Dreamers Plateau: Are You where You want to be.

When life becomes just life. All excitement is gone and you’re just coasting. What do you do?

11. Confessions from a Black place.

Don’t read this if you shop black friday. Or better yet…DO read it.

10. Is life passing you by without you knowing?

Stopping the Glorification of being busy.

9. Unschool: Do Kids really need school?

Is nature all the school we need?

8.  A little Goofiness. 

An empty park plus a video camera. Can only mean one thing: MUSCI VDIEO!

7. How  To Start a Fire with No Matches.

Watch this video as Ranger shows you how.

6. 12 Tips for Camping in the Backwood

Great tips for camping with no amenities around.

5. Spill The Beans!

Where we announce our 3.5 month trip to Guatemala.

4. DIY Kids Grocery Stand.

Our kids love playing grocery store, so we made them their own.

3. A Letter To a Lazy Mom. You’re not Alone.

A letter for the moms who feel they don’t do enough.

2. Speak Easy

A gentle reminding to choose words carefully.

1. When Dreams Fail

When our Vagabond didn’t work out


Top 13 Instagram Photos


Little Bear Trail inside the State Park


And the light chases out the dark. Sunrise over the Hills.


Rolling in the Deep….Fog that is.


Diablo Lake. Doubt kills more dreams then failure ever did.


Our summer friends


Up on Bear Mountain


Nature isn’t a place to visit. It is home.


See the Beauty in the Everyday things


If I were the moon I’d hang out above the mountains too


Face Piles and piles of trials through smiles


Early morning fishing


Big horn Sheep




Our, Personal, Top 13 Moments of 2013


13. Rattle Snake Removal

Ranger located and trapped a Rattlesnake relocated him away from the campground.

12. Sitting by the Fire inside our home

As the summer faded away, the nights grew colder. We relished in the warmth of our fireplace nightly.

11. 25 mile creek fire

We saw the smoke start to rise from the lake on July 4th and the fire burned directly across the lake for over a week.

10. Our 10 Foot Christmas Tree

We went a cut down our first Christmas Tree. She’s a big one!

9. Moose & Owls Sightings

While driving back to Chelan Rangers wife and the Juniors spotted a rare sighting on the railroad tracks. We got to watch two juvenile Great Horned Owls up in the trees late one night.

8. The Big Wind Storm

It blew down a 135 foot fur tree, blocking the entrance to the park. More trees landed on campers and vehicles crushing them in the middle of the night. See pictures here and here

7. Graduation

Ranger graduating from the Academy ranks on the Top Proudest moments. See pictures from the academy here.

6. Canoeing up lake & sailing a Catamaran around the Lake

Bald eagles, kids over board, fires spotted. No dull moments there. Read about the Catamaran adventure. Canoeing adventure.

5. Forks Trip

We took a spontaneous road trip across the Puget Sound and over to the Olympic Peninsula. The stomping grounds of Werewolves and Vampires, too bad Ranger was blind on the last day of our trip.

4. Mountain Lion inside the Park

A mountain lion was spotted in the park and Ranger had to try to run it out of the park, getting within feet of the cougar.

3. Visits from our family

Our visits were filled with fun moments. Exploring a Bavarian Town, camping at Diablo Lake & climbing to waterfalls, early morning fishing trips and drives up to the Butte.

2. Backing Packing Stehekin

Between running out of water, vertical incline all the way, and bear scat. This is one trip we won’t forget.

1. Accepting First Ranger Job

Going through the  process was no walk in the park. Yup, i planned that pun. Finding out Ranger was hired and we would be experiencing our first season as a Rangers family was the top moment of 2013!



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