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Stopping to Fill our Tanks. A Lesson in not living in the future.

As 2014 is underway there is always a flooding of New Years Resolutions. Things you want to stop. Things you want to achieve, get better at, improve on, etc etc etc the list goes on and on. By February 1st most of us have already fell off the bandwagon and failed at our new years resolutions. Yet year after year we continue to do the same thing and set goals for ourselves we know we will never achieve.

Ranger and I haven’t set any official new years resolutions. Partly because we are still exhausted from this past year. As amazing as it was there was something utterly draining about it all.
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So we sit here coasting into 2014. With open minds and flexibility.

If we learned anything from the past year it is to be flexible and to not live in the future.

Plans fall through all the time…i’m sure we don’t have to tell you that. We had a dream job fall through and a failed Vagabond. Both very planned and both very much fell though.

People are always asking us “What’s Next for you guys?”. With a year full of constant changes of course people assume there is always something next. I ask myself the same thing.

But right now we aren’t focusing on the next. We are focusing on now

  • Hibernating In Chelan for a while longer
  • Getting into a homeschool routine with the Juniors
  • Regrouping as a family and finding what we want in life

And a little of what is next if you must know…

  • Ranger starting back to work at the same park on March 1st
  • Activities to get the Juniors involved in
  • Seeking out work opportunities for the Rangers Wife

We are keeping the lists short and simple. Broad and general. Attainable.

As always, we keep our eyes open for opportunities. In the Ranger field, especially with a family in tow, finding a Full Time & Year round position is ideal. We aren’t there yet. Ranger is working on building experience to qualify for the higher level jobs. That just takes time. Even Rangers who are a few short years from retirement continue to look and seek the next level. It’s just part of it.

Sitting here in 2014 things are calm. Being bogged down in the planning stage of something isn’t something we are consumed with, yet.

We are just here. Waiting. Not looking…but waiting.

Maybe this is the year of reviving. We’ve been so busy seeking, chasing, making our dreams realities the past year maybe we need this year to just fill up our tanks again. Maybe it won’t take all year to fill them, maybe only 6 months, or maybe only 2 months. But i can tell we are on empty, and that’s ok. Sometimes it is nice to just sit and fill up.


If you are one of those big list new years resolution types, good for you! I love people striving for goals. Just make them attainable so you’re not left feeling like you’ve failed less then a month into the new year.

Make goals to follow a dream this year. Pursue a hearts desire. Make peace with something in your life. Forgive. Fill your heart with joy, love yourself more.  Mend a relationship. Rid your life of toxic people. Laugh more. Play more. Inspire yourself. Inspire others.

Setting goals such as Lose 40lbs, drink less soda, spend less time on Facebook, read 12 books, take a trip somewhere, or learn a foreign language. Those goals are great, but will more then likely end up being put on the back burner until New Years Eve 2014 when you realize you need to set the same exact goal. Again.

So as we sit here, filling our tanks. Remember you can do the same. Maybe this year you give up one activity and spend more time at home. Focusing.

Dig deep and your body and soul will tell you what you need to be doing.

Sit and listen. It will be that tugging feeling, that reoccurring thought that you can’t get out of your head. That’s what you should focus on. That is where you need to be.

What is yours telling you? I’m here…and interested. Seriously, hibernating can be boring at times. I like to fill my tank while listening to you.

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