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A Solution for Sibling Fights: Play Nice Cards

One of the great things about having kids is you can finally spin things in your direction.

All those chores you get tired of doing, you can make them into consequences for things such as wining and fighting. Genius right?

Hibernating during the winter is great, but we are spending all our time together. What a wonderful thing, until the fighting, arguing and tattling starts.

Lately there’s been quite a bit of fighting between the Juniors. From “he’s playing with my toy”…. “he won’t stop looking at me”….”he touched my toe”.

There is only so much parents can take before they snap and get creative.

After a day of arguing over which lego belongs to which boy, getting mad because the other one is wearing the others underwear, and having a fit because he took a drink of the other ones water. I’d had enough.  I went and grabbed a deck of cards and started scribbling all over them.

The boys were intrigued and by the end they thought it was a really fun game they were going to be playing.

The next time they started fighting they got to come a draw a card from the Play Nice Deck.


So far things are working out quite nicely.

I wanted to do more then just busy work or chores. My goal was to have them do things together or do things to serve the other one. Things that will distract them long enough to forget why they were fighting and get them to work together. Kids, at least mine, have super short attention spans.

  • Build the other brother a lego master piece
  • Unload the dishwasher together
  • Make the other brothers bed
  • Pick up the other brothers dirty clothes
  • Sit next to each other quietly for 5 minutes
  • Sweep the floor or fireplace together
  • Take out the trash together
  • Draw an apology picture to the other brother
  • Pick up the other brothers toy
  • Pour each other a glass of water and do a ‘cheers’ together
  • Dance to one song together
  • Build a tower together
  • Go get 2 pieces of fire wood each
  • Put away the other brothers clean clothes
  • Hang up the other brothers Coat and shoes

We’ll be adding more activities as we think of them, but for now this is what we’ve came up with.



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