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10 Eating Healthy Hacks: For adults & Kids

Eating Healthy can be hard work!

We have two growing boys who seem to shovel the food in their mouths most days. I’m not sure if you know this, but Growing boys eat. I am not sure what we are going to do when they are teenagers. I try not to think about it. The only solution i can come up with is that we will need to start raising our own cows and chickens. But luckily we still have a few years to come up with a plan B.

They are also grazers. They like to graze throughout the day so we have to supply them with healthy snacks otherwise they will graze upon whatever is available. Candy, sour milk, stale cookies they find hiding in the couch cushions, literally anything.

I’m not real big on feeding them candy or sour milk. Stale cookies are still up for debate. So instead of letting them hunt in the couch cushions for breakfast I’ve found that if I do a little prep work after a big shopping trip it discourages stale cookie behavior.

10 Eating Healthy Hacks


These aren’t your typical what to eat. But tricks to keep you eating healthy.

1. Pre-Wash Veggies


No brainer right? Just listen: As soon as you get home from the store fill up your (clean) sink with a vinegar and water solution and wash all fruits and veggies right then and there. Dry fruit and put away. No more getting up from Facebook to wash that piece of fruit your toddler is having a melt down over.

2. Create a Snack shelf


Create a shelf in the fridge where all the snacks go. Easily or not easily accessible to little hands, your choice. I keep ours stashed with yogurt, apple sauce, cut up fruits and veggies, hard-boiled eggs, cheese sticks, and A jug of water the boys can use with their one cup to use for the day. We had a serious problem of using a new cup every time they wanted a drink. Twelve cups at the end of the day was too much. Problem solved.

3. Snack Jars


Reuse those old spaghetti sauce jars, pickle jars, and jelly jars to hold some good healthy munchies. Keep a variety of sweet, salty, & savory. Women will understand why.

4. Bulk Spices


The health benefits of using spices in your cooking can be amazing! Not to mention the flavor benefits as well. Make your own Taco seasoning, steak seasoning, etc. Check your local asian or international markets as they usually sell bulk spices much cheaper than grocery stores. Another wallet friendly tip…it’s ok to love me at this point.

5.  Keep fresh produce. Always.

Photo Credit: Jpellgen

Photo Credit: Jpellgen

Find out what you use all the time and keep it stocked. Staples we always have on hand Lemons, Limes, Garlic, Ginger, green onions, cilantro, lettuce, apples, oranges. These are just good habits

6. Freeze fruit

Photo Credit: Tribp

Photo Credit: Tribp

We have bags of berries in our freezer that we picked throughout the summer and stashed away for the winter. No, it’s not as good as fresh. But they are great to make smoothies with, add to oatmeal, or just munch on. Frozen fruit is like the ultimate treat for the Juniors. Better than ice-cream…almost.

7. Create a Tea Shelf



Nothing fixes things like a pot of hot tea. Making a Tea Alter for yourself is just good karma. Keep a well stocked shelf with a variety of teas to drink between your cup of coffee and glass of wine (both of which i support, in moderation of course). I’d recommend Loose leaf, but we all can’t be amazing all the time. Don’t forget a little Buddha figure you found in Mexico and a tiny blessing bag blessed from the Monks in Thailand , because everyone has those lying around. And a jar of expensive chocolates, if it’s expensive you’ll think twice before indulging and just treat yourself to 1 piece once in a while.

8. Get rid of your microwave

Photo Credit: Ethan SportSuburban

Photo Credit: Ethan SportSuburban

We’ve survived over a year without one. Check out the benefits and Throw it out.

9. Make items from scratch

Photo CreditMat DeTurck

Photo CreditMat DeTurck

With Pinterest out there you can find so many homemade recipes and snacks. Things from fruit snacks, doughs, to homemade granola bars and ice-cream. They tend to be more healthy & more wallet friendly too. We are always trying to make things from scratch instead of buying them at the store prepackaged…

Try some out favorite homemade recipes:

yes, i’m aware these aren’t super healthy recipes. But their homemade!

10. Make Healthy eating FUN.

Muffin Tin Monday

Make Peanut Butter Toast faces with bananas, raisons and almonds. Use cheese sticks and pretzels and make a scooter. The options are limitless! It’s not hard to make food new and exciting. You think this is just for kids? No way…make yourself some lego shaped cheese chunks, or get fancy and do some fruit flower carvings. Call it art.

We are always trying to come up with new ways to keep our diet clean and healthy. Luckily Ranger is good cook. By ‘good’ i really mean ‘the best’. Recreating dishes from fancy restaurants is almost like a hobby. Like Apple-Bee’s Fiesta Lime Chicken. Yes, i did just consider Apple-Bee’s a fancy restaurant. That’s what happens when you go out to eat only 4 times a year.

If you have any tips we’d love to hear them! Send them our way…right after you go implement one or ten of these tips listed here.



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